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yunhong group champions global expansion with strategic health food sector alliance 27


Yunhong Group Champions Global Expansion with Strategic Health Food Sector Alliance


Leo Gonzalez

April 9, 2024 - 07:50 am


Yunhong Group Forms Strategic Alliance to Enhance Global Health Food Sector

BEIJING, April 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a landmark event on April 3, a pivotal signing ceremony between the Global Digital Trade Port (Hainan) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. and Yunhong Group has taken place in Beijing. This strategic alliance marks a significant step forward in the health food industry as both corporations have agreed to embark on in-depth collaboration.

China's Yunhong Group inks cooperation to support overseas expansion.

A host of dignitaries attended the event to witness this monumental cooperation. Gao Jiajia, the Vice President of the China Overseas Development Association and Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of China Overseas Investment Fair, was joined by Yu Shuibing, Director of Huanggang City's Market Supervision Administration, and Xia Zhijun, Chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) of Wuxue City to lend their support to the meeting.

Building on the momentum leading to the signing ceremony, Wu Dong, the Chairman of Yunhong Group, articulated that this collaboration with the Global Digital Trade Port (Hainan) Enterprise Management is a calculated move in line with the Belt and Road Initiative. It signifies a major advancement for Yunhong Group to integrate more fully into the global digital economy’s industrial chain.

Wu Dong emphasized the group's plans to utilize the unique supply chain platform of the Hainan company to offer superlative products and services to a worldwide marketplace. Through this, Yunhong Group expects to enhance its global digital trade competitiveness and open the door to abundant possibilities for international alliances.

The Chairman of Wuxue CPPCC, Xia Zhijun, expressed his viewpoint on the development, highlighting Yunhong Group as a burgeoning force within the private sector, rooted in the city of Wuxue. He underscored the city's drive to encourage local enterprises to broaden their horizons, pushing for integration into the global market with high-caliber product offerings.

Xia further elaborated on the city’s commitment to fostering the international growth of its enterprises, providing robust policy support to ensure a smooth, stable, and effective expansion into foreign markets.

Sheng Chaolin, the President of Global Digital Trade Port (Hainan) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., conveyed his anticipation for bolstering collaborations with the China Overseas Investment Fair and the China Overseas Development Association. He made it clear that by capitalizing on the data resources of the Global Digital Trade Port, more enterprises could be attracted to participate, mutually benefiting from shared empowerment and concerted efforts to propel national brands onto the international stage.

China's Yunhong Group inks cooperation to support overseas expansion.

In a recent celebration of excellence, Yunhong Peptide Food & Beverage (Hubei) Co., Ltd., which operates under the Yunhong Group banner, was recognized for its outstanding contribution to the industry by being awarded the national craftsman brand by the China Overseas Investment Fair.

Yunhong Group: A Multinational Conglomerate

Founded in 2013, Yunhong Group has rapidly become a dynamic multinational enterprise conglomerate. Its diverse business interests span the breadth of health food, digital e-commerce, international trade, environmental protection, and modern agriculture. Currently, the group is pioneering a new era of development with a diversified strategy built on multiple strong pillars and competitive business sectors.

The Global Digital Trade Port (Hainan) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. alongside Yunhong Group will be working in close quarters to align their respective expertise and competencies. This synchronization is designed to meet the burgeoning demand for health food products while driving innovation and quality in the digital economy.

The Ripple Effect of a Strategic Alliance

The signing of this agreement between two heavyweights in their respective fields signifies a potential moment of transformative impact not only on the health food sector but also on how Chinese enterprises engage with the global economy.

By uniting the robust supply chain and digital platform capabilities of the Hainan-based enterprise with the expansive reach and diverse portfolio of Yunhong Group, a new synergy is forged. This cooperation could potentially redefine the landscape of international trade and distribution for health products.

Amplified Global Reach and Integration

Yunhong Group's extensive experience in sectors crucial to global development, such as health food and digital e-commerce, positions it as a natural leader in facilitating the entry of Chinese products into international markets. The Group’s alliance with the Global Digital Trade Port is envisioned to amplify this reach, integrating Chinese craftsmanship and innovation with the global industrial fabric.

Local enterprises, especially those cultivating health food products like Yunhong Peptide Food & Beverage, now have the opportunity to not only showcase their goods on a broader stage but to also infuse high standards of quality and reliability associated with international trade norms.

Policy and Industry Support in Wuxue City

Coupled with supportive measures from the government, as commended by Xia Zhijun, local enterprises like Yunhong Group are set to benefit from a nurturing environment that promotes global exposure and excellence in quality. The city’s leadership in offering policy support paves the way for a smoother transition for businesses venturing into unfamiliar territories.

The leadership in Wuxue and organizations such as the China Overseas Development Association are instrumental in creating forums like the China Overseas Investment Fair where enterprises can shine and gain recognition for their craftsmanship. This paves the way for enterprises to strive towards innovation and craftmanship recognized on a global scale.

In his address, Sheng Chaolin pinpointed the strategic significance of the cooperation within the larger context of the global market landscape. The upgraded capabilities resulting from this partnership are predicted to contribute substantially to the development and recognition of national brands across the international marketplace.


The integration of Yunhong Group into the Global Digital Trade Port’s expansive digital platform and supply chain not only symbolizes a merging of expertise but also illustrates China’s evolving approach to international trade and digital economics.

This collaboration between Yunhong Group and the Global Digital Trade Port (Hainan) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. opens up a new horizon for the health food ecosystem, offering fertile ground for growth, innovation, and a solidification of market presence on a worldwide scale.

Through these joint efforts, the future of the health food sector appears poised for an influx of high-quality products married with cutting-edge digital trade practices, brought to fruition by the shared vision of both Yunhong Group and the Global Digital Trade Port.

SOURCE: Yunhong Group

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