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U-Haul Steps Up With Free Storage for Houston Storm Victims


Leo Gonzalez

May 21, 2024 - 01:35 am


U-Haul Offers Aid to Storm Survivors with Free Storage Services in Greater Houston

In the wake of the catastrophic storms that ravaged the Greater Houston area on May 16, 2024, causing widespread destruction and leaving countless residents without power, U-Haul has stepped forward with a generous offer of assistance. The company has announced that 33 of its stores across the region will provide 30 days of free self-storage and U-Box container usage to those affected by the natural disaster.

Communities Rally to Recover from Devastation

The severe weather, characterized by potent winds and heavy rainfall, wreaked havoc on homes and businesses, leading to a number of tragic fatalities and an extensive cleanup that is expected to continue for an extended period. With so many structures damaged, the importance of accessible, dry, and secure storage options has never been so apparent as communities begin the painstaking recovery process.

Lynn Buck, the Area District Vice President for U-Haul presiding over operations in and around the Houston area, has declared that three marketing company offices under his purview will mobilize 11 self-storage facilities each. This will result in a total of 33 participating stores, with 21 of those located within the Houston city limits, all ready to offer disaster relief services to those in dire need.

The offer from U-Haul involves a 30-day period of free self-storage and U-Box container rentals, subject to availability. For residents requiring the U-Box containers, it is important to note that the free offer encompasses on-site storage at U-Haul facilities and does not cover the costs associated with the delivery and pick-up of containers to and from residential locations.

How to Access U-Haul Disaster Relief Services

For those in need of further information or who wish to arrange for storage, U-Haul advises that they reach out to the office that serves their area or visit any U-Haul-owned and -operated facility in the cities listed below. Contact details and store locations for the coordinating offices are as follows:

U-Haul Co. of West Houston

For residents in Cypress, Houston (8 locations), and Katy (2 locations), they can get in touch with the West Houston Company at (281) 495-2303, or visit the company's dedicated storage location page.

U-Haul Co. of Northwest Houston

Those residing in College Station (2 locations) and Houston (9 locations) are encouraged to contact the Northwest Houston Company at (281) 377-3379, or explore their services through the company's website.

U-Haul Co. of Gulf Coast Texas

People living in Baytown, Houston (4 locations), La Marque, League City (2 locations), Pasadena, Texas City, and Webster, can reach out to the Gulf Coast Texas Company at (713) 750-7739, or refer to the same U-Haul page for more details.

U-Haul's Commitment to Disaster Relief and Community Support

U-Haul's disaster relief efforts are part of a broader commitment to supporting communities in times of need. As an official American Red Cross Disaster Responder, U-Haul takes pride in being at the forefront of offering a helping hand during critical times.

The Legacy and Services of U-HAUL

With a history dating back to 1945, U-Haul has firmly established itself as the top choice among do-it-yourself movers across the United States and Canada. Its vast network boasts over 23,000 rental locations. Additionally, the U-Haul mobile application adds a level of convenience for customers, allowing them to utilize the Truck Share 24/7 service for accessing trucks at any time with just a few taps on their smartphones, thanks to the Live Verify technology.

U-Haul's continuous customer support has fueled the expansion of its fleet, which now comprises 192,200 trucks, 138,500 trailers, and 44,500 towing devices. Ranking as the third-largest self-storage operator in North America, U-Haul offers 967,000 rentable units, which translates to 83.3 million square feet of self-storage space across both owned and managed facilities. The company is also known for being the largest retail provider of propane in the U.S. and the primary installer of permanent trailer hitches in the automotive aftermarket industry.

For customers interested in accessing U-Haul’s services, the company's app can be downloaded from the App Store for iPhone users or on Google Play for those with Android devices.

Media Contact Information

For more in-depth information or inquiries about U-Haul's services, individuals and media representatives can contact Mr. Jeff Lockridge via email at [email protected], or by phone at 602-760-4941. The company’s website provides extensive details about U-Haul's services and rental locations.

Solidarity in the Face of Disaster

In the aftermath of the catastrophic storms, the swift response by U-Haul to provide 30 days of free self-storage and U-Box usage reflects the spirit of solidarity and community that is crucial during such difficult times. This initiative will undoubtedly ease the burden on those facing displacement from their homes, as well as businesses striving to safeguard their assets while repairs are underway.

Empowering Citizens with Resources

By simplifying access to secure storage solutions, U-Haul empowers residents to better manage their recovery process, offering much-needed reassurance that their belongings are safe. In doing so, the company is not only delivering practical help but is also providing emotional support—an often-overlooked aspect of disaster recovery.

Businesses stand to benefit from the logistics support and the temporary storage space, enabling them to better coordinate their restoration efforts. Additionally, with the involvement of the American Red Cross, victims of these storms can expect a coordinated approach to address their various needs, from basic necessities to more long-term stabilization measures.

A Comprehensive Approach to Customer Service

Through U-Haul's comprehensive set of services, including truck rentals, trailers, and self-storage, the company demonstrates its dedication to providing an encompassing approach to customer satisfaction. This policy of offering practical, customer-focused services is evident in their support of communities when disaster strikes.

Enhancing Access through Technology

U-Haul’s digital innovations, such as the aforementioned mobile app with Live Verify technology, further illustrate the company’s commitment to enhancing customer access and convenience. These advancements enable customers to make reservations, pick up, and return equipment autonomously, reinforcing U-Haul's industry leadership.

Whether addressing immediate mobility needs or providing storage solutions amid crises, U-Haul has solidified its reputation as a reliable and customer-centric organization. The company’s deployment of disaster relief services in response to the Houston storms is yet another example of its readiness to serve communities in their hour of need.


As the Greater Houston area commences its recovery from the recent devastating storms, U-Haul’s offering of free storage options stands out as a beacon of hope. The company’s mobilization to provide secure storage facilities during this challenging time underscores its ongoing mission to support do-it-yourself movers and communities alike, during both moments of transition and times of trauma.

U-Haul’s actions go beyond simple corporate responsibility—they embody a profound sense of community service and attentiveness to the human dimension of disaster impacts. Through its initiatives, U-Haul continues to foster resilience, extend compassion, and play an invaluable role in the recovery efforts of the communities it serves.

Source: U-Haul

U-Haul’s commitment to aiding those in distress can indeed be seen as a guiding light, reflective of the company’s broader ethos. As the people of the Greater Houston area work together to rebuild their lives and their city, the solidarity offered by U-Haul and similar organizations will undoubtedly contribute significantly to their journey towards restoration and renewal.

(This article has been generated using the content and information provided by U-Haul through PRNewswire. For additional resources and rental information, please visit U-Haul’s website.)