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scutum group amplifies security solutions in florida by uniting with aami 27


Scutum Group Amplifies Security Solutions in Florida by Uniting with AAMI


Benjamin Hughes

March 29, 2024 - 19:28 pm


Scutum Group Fortifies Its Presence in the Sunshine State with the Integration of AAMI

NEW YORK, March 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a move that further solidifies its position as an industry leader in the field of security solutions, Scutum, a renowned global provider of security and fire protection services, has proudly announced the integration of Affordable Alarm and Monitoring Inc. (AAMI) into Scutum North America. This strategic move not only advances Scutum's operational reach within the state of Florida but also cements its status as the expert security provider throughout the region.

Established in 1994, AAMI has dedicated itself to serving a specialized clientele, encompassing high-end residential customers as well as small and medium-sized business enterprises predominantly located along Florida's Gulf Coast. The company's comprehensive array of services encompasses cutting-edge video surveillance technologies, state-of-the-art residential fire alarm systems, sophisticated security solutions, and advanced access control mechanisms. With a full spectrum of offerings that include installation, round-the-clock monitoring, and unparalleled technical support, AAMI's holistic business approach affords them the agility and efficiency required to address the varying security demands of their clients, irrespective of project scope. AAMI has a strategic presence in Florida, with its head office stationed in Naples, and additional branches operational in Sarasota, Tampa, and Summerfield. Recognized for its exceptional service and integration capabilities, AAMI has been honored with multiple awards, such as earning a spot in the CE PRO TOP 100 System Integrators for an impressive consecutive run from 2011 through 2023, and receiving accolades like the Lutron Diamond Dealer award from 2018 to 2023, the Sonos Platinum Dealer award from 2019 to 2023, the Sony Diamond Dealer award from 2019 to 2023, as well as the Florida Top System Integrators - Choice Award from 2015 through 2023.

A Synergistic Collaboration Expanding Service Excellence

"AAMI is a valued addition to the Scutum North America family. Their well-recognized expertise in the realm of electronic security dovetails seamlessly with our comprehensive service offerings. The geographical footprint they bring on the Gulf Coast is the perfect complement to our operations centered in Boca Raton, serving to fortify our leading position as the foremost partner for security and fire protection services across Florida," professed Robert Aiello, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Scutum North America.

"AAMI's reputation as a dependable provider to SMEs and residential clients in Florida is well earned, reflecting their commitment to exceptional service quality and a profound understanding of client-specific requirements. We are overjoyed to integrate their seasoned team into the Scutum family," complemented Michael Vitarelli, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Scutum North America.

Embracing a New Horizon for Growth and Excellence

"This significant development heralds a new era for AAMI, presenting an unprecedented opportunity to quicken our pace of expansion," expressed John Toscano, Founder of AAMI. "We are elated to integrate into an international conglomerate that holds fast to core values that AAMI cherishes: integrity, agility, and a relentless focus on client excellence. These guiding principles have been the engine of our progress over the past three decades. We are optimistic that by joining Scutum, we will elevate our service capabilities to even greater heights in our mission to exceed client expectations."

Scutum North America: A Beacon of Protection

With its headquarters rooted in the heart of New York City, Scutum North America has established itself as a provider of choice for a broad ambit of clients, ranging from multinational corporations to local SMEs situated along the East Coast. The company boasts a strategic network of offices located in key urban centers, including Boca Raton in Florida, as well as an impressive triad of locations in Illinois: River Grove, Peoria, and Naperville.

About Scutum Group

The Scutum Group strides across the global security landscape, employing advanced technological solutions to deliver services of exemplary quality, focussed squarely on risk prevention for a diverse portfolio of assets, ranging from essential infrastructure and valuable goods to vulnerable individuals and sensitive data. It operates an expansive international platform adept at processing and analyzing critical data, a skillset that plays a pivotal role in early risk management strategies and orchestrates the deployment of local emergency services in collaboration with law enforcement agencies.

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Scutum North America's SOURCE: A Closer Look

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An Exemplary Tradition of Client-Focused Solutions

Over the past three decades, AAMI has built a robust foundation of trust with its clients. This trust stems from their unwavering commitment to delivering solutions tailored to meet the unique security requirements of each client, backed by a pledge of quality and consistency. Their approach has not been confined to singular aspects of security but has rather embraced a variety of dimensions including the residential, commercial, and technological spheres. Community recognition in the form of consistent award winnings underscores the impact AAMI has made in Florida’s security sector.

Leveraging Expertise for Enhanced Regional Security

Through this merger, Scutum and AAMI envision a fortified collaboration that leverages their joint expertise for the enhancement of regional security measures. The melding of AAMI's intimate understanding of local security needs with Scutum's robust technological infrastructure and wide-ranging capabilities serves as a testament to their shared vision of creating safer environments for businesses and individuals alike. The exemplary track record of both entities promises an augmented ability to deliver integrated security solutions and proactive monitoring services that can adapt to the evolving challenges of safeguarding assets and individuals in today's world.

Envisioning a Future of Unprecedented Security Services

The amalgamation of AAMI with Scutum North America paves the way for a future where both the potency of local expertise and the strength of an international framework create a fusion that will undoubtedly redefine the parameters of security services. Clients throughout Florida will reap the benefits of this union, with access to advanced security measures and the synergy of a team that excels in innovation, rapid response, and sheer dedication to service excellence.

The Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Scutum Group’s steadfast commitment to continuous improvement and the employment of leading-edge technologies underlines their proactive stance on security challenges. Their approach not only emphasizes the prevention of risks but also guarantees that their clients are defended by forward-looking solutions that navigate the complexities of security in a digital age. The integration of AAMI within Scutum North America's framework not only reinforces their service suite but also serves to advocate the client-centric ethos that is a hallmark of their identity.

Driving Growth and Client Satisfaction

The integration of AAMI spotlights Scutum North America's strategy to drive growth and bolster client satisfaction. Capitalizing on AAMI's strong regional presence and the shared ethos of quality and client dedication, Scutum is positioned to deliver an even more compelling service proposition. It is a move that not only embodies the strategic growth ambitions of Scutum North America but equally epitomizes a journey towards setting new benchmarks in the security industry.

In conclusion, the alliance of AAMI and Scutum North America reflects a steadfast vision to engineer a safer future. This partnership marks a significant milestone for both entities and for the clients they serve – a step that will indeed invigorate their service offerings and extend their capacity to safeguard communities across the Floridian expanse. With eyes cast firmly towards a horizon of growth, innovation, and uncompromised quality, Scutum North America and AAMI are poised to set a new standard in security and fire protection services.