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saphyre leads fintech innovation clinching best in regtech at markets choice awards 27


Saphyre Leads Fintech Innovation, Clinching Best in RegTech at Markets Choice Awards


Leo Gonzalez

May 14, 2024 - 18:24 pm


Saphyre Triumphs at the Markets Choice Awards, Securing the Best in RegTech Title

HOBOKEN, N.J., May 14, 2024 – Saphyre Inc., a trailblazer in the realm of fintech with a robust pre- and post-trade platform utilized by some of the globe’s preeminent financial institutions, has recently claimed the prestigious Best in RegTech Award at the 2024 iteration of the Markets Choice Awards. This significant achievement, organized and presented by Markets Media, underscores Saphyre's influence and innovative efforts in the regulatory technology sector.

"We are honored to receive this recognition from Markets Media," expressed Gabino Roche, CEO of Saphyre. "We are facing a pivotal moment in RegTech as we near the deadline for T+1 compliance. Saphyre is privileged to be working with so many important institutions to support them in meeting that goal."

The announcement came as a highlight during the Markets Choice Awards ceremony, a prestigious event that took place earlier this week in the bustling city of New York. The Best in RegTech accolade is bestowed upon entities that have demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to innovating and advancing compliance technology. Furthermore, this technology must gain traction and acceptance among the leading financial institutions.

This recognition for Saphyre follows the successful T-Zero Premiere event, a gathering of fintech innovators hosted at the iconic Nasdaq MarketSite in New York City earlier in May. The forum provided a platform for discussing topics pivotal to the industry, including the intricacies of pre- and post-trade operations, the transition to accelerated T+1 trade settlements, and prognostications on the trajectory of financial technology.

Those interested in learning more about the innovative solutions provided by Saphyre can seek out further information via the company's website at

About Saphyre: Revolutionizing Financial Operations with AI

At the core of Saphyre’s innovative approach lies its patented artificial intelligence technology, designed to fully digitize and streamline pre-trade data and activities among a diverse array of market participants. This includes asset owners, investment managers, hedge funds, prime brokers, client firms, broker-dealers, and custodians. Saphyre's forward-thinking platform boasts unparalleled efficiency in maintaining a comprehensive memory of data and documents. This means that clients no longer face the arduous tasks of searching for previously submitted information or resubmitting it, ensuring that processes advance without unnecessary delay.

By wielding such an advanced digital infrastructure, Saphyre enables firms to expedite the natural flow of pre-trade data in a manner that is both digitally structured and lucid. Thus, any party with the requisite permission within the finance industry can seamlessly comprehend and utilize the information. The platform’s design significantly ameliorates the ability of institutions to not only promptly assess risk but also to enhance the efficiency of client onboarding. With real-time updates on ready-to-trade status per account, clients are empowered to diminish by a striking 70% to 75% the redundant or otherwise inefficient activities typifying the post-trade phase.

Pioneering Progress in RegTech: A Beacon for the Finance Sector

Saphyre's distinction at the Markets Choice Awards comes at a critical juncture for the financial industry. With forthcoming deadlines fast approaching for T+1 settlement compliance, the role of RegTech companies like Saphyre becomes increasingly significant. The T+1 deadline refers to the required timeline for settlement of securities transactions, tightening the settlement cycle and necessitating robust technological solutions to ensure efficient and accurate compliance.

T+1 compliance is not only a regulatory mandate but is also a critical step towards heightened operational efficiency, reduction of market risk, and ultimately the bolstering of the industry's integrity. It is in this climate of rapid evolution and pressing regulatory demands that Saphyre's services have become invaluable. Through its AI-powered platform, Saphyre facilitates the swifter settlement of trades, streamlining operations in a manner that resonates with the accelerated pace of today's financial markets.