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Rhode Island Energy Champions Worker Prosperity with New Labor Contracts


Lauren Miller

May 10, 2024 - 17:22 pm


Rhode Island Energy Secures New Era of Worker Prosperity with Fresh Labor Agreements

PROVIDENCE, R.I., May 10, 2024 – In a significant development that highlights the collaborative spirit between labor and management, Rhode Island Energy has proudly announced the successful negotiation of new five-year contracts with the Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA) and the Brotherhood of Utility Workers (BUW). These pivotal contracts, distinguishing a commitment to worker prosperity and corporate synergy, cater to the interests of 526 valued union members.

"We are immensely appreciative of our employees' unwavering commitment to our mission of serving the community and their exemplary dedication," remarked Greg Cornett, President of Rhode Island Energy. "It is a testament to the constructive relationship we have fostered with our unions that we could reach these groundbreaking agreements. These contracts are a product of our continuous joint efforts." He expressed his contentment on the unified approach taken to achieve the consensus and reaffirmed the company’s dedication to delivering safe, sustainable and cost-effective energy to the myriad of customers and communities within Rhode Island.

Embodying the essence of mutual growth and understanding, the newly inked contracts tout an extension of current agreements effective from May 12, 2024, through to May 11, 2029. They ensure a robust 3% annual salary increment for every year of the contract for all employees who are represented by UWUA Locals 310 and 310B.

Rhode Island Energy: A Beacon of Reliable and Sustainable Services

Rhode Island Energy, as a subsidiary of PPL Corporation (NYSE: PPL), stands at the forefront of providing critical energy services to more than 770,000 customers scattered across the Rhode Island landscape. With an unwavering commitment upheld by a workforce of 1,300 dedicated professionals, Rhode Island Energy is not just an ordinary energy provider; it's a pillar of the community, aiding Rhode Island’s populace to prosper and flourish. The company’s mission extends far beyond just supplying electricity and natural gas, as it plays an instrumental role in aiding the transition to a clean energy future, a vision shared across the PPL Corporation family of companies.

For individuals eager to learn more about Rhode Island Energy's innovative strategies and consumer services, details can be found on their website: Moreover, the energy provider promotes engagement and connectivity with its clientele through platforms on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, thereby ensuring a constant stream of updates and connections with its customer base.

Essential Information for Editors and Media Representatives

To facilitate the information needs of editors and journalists, Rhode Island Energy offers comprehensive resources on its media-dedicated website This platform is adeptly designed to deliver insightful content and the latest news concerning the vibrant operations of both Rhode Island Energy and PPL Corporation. The site stands as a testament to the company's commitment to transparency and its role as a leader in the energy sector.

Enquiries and Media Contact Details

For additional information and further media enquiries, Evelyn Garcia is the designated contact point. She can be reached at [email protected], demonstrating Rhode Island Energy's dedication to maintaining strong lines of communication with the media and the general public. For more immediate concerns or verbal communications, contacts can utilize the phone number 401.799.7000 to get in touch with the media department of Rhode Island Energy.

PPL Corporation is the source of this press news release, indicating that the information provided comes directly from the company, ensuring accuracy and relevance for readers interested in the developments at Rhode Island Energy.

Championing Employee Welfare and Customer Excellence

The breakthrough in labor contracts manifests Rhode Island Energy's broader vision to champion both employee welfare and customer service excellence. The company's strategic approach to negotiations has again underscored the mutual respect and value the corporation places on its employees. Such progressive labor agreements are vital to fostering a motivated workforce that is committed to delivering on the promise of exceptional service.

"Each employee is intrinsic to the fabric of our company and serves as a touchstone to our community-oriented ethos,” Cornett extolled. “These labor contracts are a salute to our employees’ industrious nature and their collective role in ensuring the operational excellence of Rhode Island Energy."

The guaranteed wage increases enshrined in the new agreements provide a stable financial future for the families of these diligent workers. Such improvements in employment conditions potentiate not only a morale boost among the workforce but also ensure that the quality of service provided to Rhode Island Energy customers remains unmatched. The remuneration packages are seen as a reflection of the value placed on skilled labor and a barometer for the industry standard.

Leading the Charge in Sustainable Energy Solutions

Certainly, Rhode Island Energy, along with PPL Corporation, is making considerable strides in phasing the energy sector into a state of reformative progress. Their solid investment in building a more resilient and intelligent power grid and spearheading sustainable energy solutions exhibit an unwavering commitment to the environmental cause and stand as a paradigm for others in the utility field.

Their ongoing efforts have not gone unnoticed, as they have been pivotal in crafting a future that not only focuses on the present needs but also meticulously takes into account the ecological impact of energy production and consumption. The contracts signify more than labor agreements; they epitomize the company's dedication to embracing change and innovation.

An Emblem of Strong Labor-Management Relations

The newly signed contracts herald a new chapter in the labor-management relationship within the utilities sector. By agreeing to beneficial terms without the need for contention, Rhode Island Energy and the represented unions have displayed a commendable level of collective bargaining maturity. This collaborative environment is anticipated to induce further innovations in workplace dynamics and labor relations.

The realization of such agreements is not less than a milestone and illustrates the significant possibilities when both parties engage with foresight and a shared vision for the future. It is a leading example that many corporate entities should strive to emulate, carving pathways to commercial success through the empowerment of employees.

A Vital Resource for Customers and the Media

Rhode Island Energy’s commitment to transparent communication extends to its powerful online presence. With a resourceful and user-friendly website providing an array of information, customers can stay informed about the latest initiatives, service offerings, and advancements that Rhode Island Energy champions.

For members of the media, insightful content is readily accessible, reaffirming the company’s pledge to open dialogue and factual reporting. By centralizing their digital media assets, Rhode Island Energy facilitates a seamless navigation experience for anyone seeking information on the company and its visionary journey in the energy domain.

Nurturing a Thriving Workplace Culture

Acknowledging the diverse backgrounds and contributions of each team member, Rhode Island Energy is well-regarded for cultivating a thriving workplace culture. It's a culture where continuous learning, mutual assistance, and collective growth are the bedrocks upon which the company’s ethos rests.

This harmonious culture is at the core of Rhode Island Energy's operations, enabling it to transcend typical workplace norms and foster an environment where every employee can thrive and contribute meaningfully to Rhode Island's energy landscape. The emphasis on collaborative success is clearly mirrored in the company’s engagement with labor unions, setting a refined standard for industrial relations.


Rhode Island Energy, by setting a precedent with these labor contracts, has not only fortified its own foundation but has also laid down a gauntlet for the broader energy sector to follow suit. It’s a call to action for companies to regard their employees as irreplaceable assets and to realize that a harmonious labor-management relationship is paramount for sustained success.

The company’s approach exemplifies what can be achieved through positive dialogue and transparent negotiations, ultimately benefiting the workforce, the customers, and the Rhode Island community at large. With this news, Rhode Island Energy has reiterated its status as a company where employee value and customer-centric service go hand-in-hand, signifying a brighter future for all stakeholders involved.

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