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Perrigo Ushers in Innovative Era with Executive Shift


Lauren Miller

May 7, 2024 - 10:28 am


Perrigo Announces High-Level Executive Changes Amidst Evolving Self-Care Landscape

DUBLIN, May 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Perrigo Company plc, a global leader in the consumer self-care market, today announced a significant leadership transition. Executive Vice President and President, Consumer Self-Care International (CSCI), Svend Andersen, has announced his intention to retire by the end of December 2024. Set to succeed him is Roberto Khoury, a veteran with a storied career in consumer health product management and brand development. This strategic move comes as Perrigo continues to fortify its position in the evolving self-care marketplace.

Leadership Transition Paves Way for New Chapter at Perrigo

Andersen's departure marks the end of an era for Perrigo's CSCI segment, where he has been a pivotal force in tailoring the product portfolio, fostering innovation, and driving brand growth. To ensure a smooth handover, Andersen will remain in his current role until August 1, 2024, working closely with Khoury, after which he will provide advisory support until his official retirement date. Khoury, whose tenure in the industry exceeds two decades, is appointed to navigate CSCI through its next phase of growth, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a track record of successful brand management.

Roberto Khoury's Illustrious Career

The incoming leader, Roberto Khoury, comes with a formidable background in branded consumer health products. He previously held a crucial role at Kenvue, managing a $1.4 billion consumer products division. His leadership spanned various prominent skincare brands, including Neutrogena®, Neostrata®, Clean and Clear®, and Rogaine®. Prior to his stint at Kenvue, Khoury was no stranger to brand success, having spent 13 fruitful years at L'Oréal, where he led the expansion and growth of pan-European brands.

Khoury expressed his enthusiasm about joining the well-established team at Perrigo, acknowledging the company's reputation for quality and his anticipation to build upon their strong European brand presence. His ambition is to collaborate with Andersen to usher in innovative consumer-centric solutions that continue to promote global health and well-being.

Andersen's Legacy of Innovation and Growth

During his seven-year tenure, Andersen has been instrumental to CSCI's success, streamlining operations by reducing the number of SKUs, emphasizing innovation, and honing brand strategies that substantially contributed to Perrigo's growth. His leadership and commitment to brand management have been crucial in positioning CSCI for an optimistic future.

Reflecting on his impactful career with Perrigo, Andersen expressed his admiration for his team and the company's milestones. He voiced his strong belief in Khoury's abilities to lead the CSCI segment to new heights and expressed his best wishes for the continued success of Perrigo and its dedicated team.

Gratitude and Anticipation: Perrigo's Future

Patrick Lockwood-Taylor, Perrigo's President and Chief Executive Officer, publicly commended Andersen for his remarkable contributions and steadfast dedication to the company's ascendancy. He attributed part of CSCI's and Perrigo’s success to Andersen's visionary leadership, marking his retirement as a notable milestone for the organization. Perrigo's global workforce of over 9,000 employees echoes this sentiment of gratitude.

Celebrating the impending leadership shift, Lockwood-Taylor noted Khoury's diverse and deep-rooted insight into consumer behavior as a vital asset that would enrich the CSCI business. He expressed confidence in Khoury's ability to drive scale brand focus and captivating innovation, which is essential for Perrigo's strategic direction to further 'consumerize, simplify, and scale One Perrigo.'

About Perrigo: A Beacon of Empowered Health

Perrigo Company plc, listed on the NYSE as PRGO, is at the forefront of providing quality consumer self-care products and over-the-counter health solutions. Perrigo prides itself on enhancing personal well-being by offering consumers the tools to proactively manage and address health concerns that fall within their own capacity for self-care.

To discover more about how Perrigo empowers consumer health, visit their website at

Forward-Looking Statements: Navigating Future Markets

This announcement contains forward-looking statements defined under the Private Litigation Securities Reform Act of 1995. These statements account for future events and include considerations of risks, uncertainties, and other factors that could cause actual company results to differ materially from current expectations. Perrigo welcomes interested parties to review their filings with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, including discussions under "Risk Factors" in their Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2023. To explore further, please visit Perrigo’s SEC filings.

In conclusion, Perrigo Company plc heralds a momentous occasion as it announces impending retirement of Svend Andersen, a transformative leader in the self-care sector, and welcomes Roberto Khoury with his extensive experience and innovative vision. These leadership changes signal Perrigo's ongoing commitment to growth, excellence, and the enhancement of health and wellness for consumers around the globe.

Please note that this document is considered a source for professional information concerning Perrigo's future outlook. It is not intended to provide personal investment or financial advice. Perrigo encourages those interested in Perrigo's strategic direction and investments to review official company statements and consult thoroughly prior to making any investment decisions.

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