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muinzer capitalizes on university market with prime student housing acquisition 27


Muinzer Capitalizes on University Market with Prime Student Housing Acquisition


Leo Gonzalez

May 6, 2024 - 15:56 pm


Muinzer Partners with T2 Capital Management to Acquire Prime Student Housing Property Near Auburn University

In a pivotal move to expand their student housing portfolio, Muinzer, in partnership with T2 Capital Management, has strategically acquired Evergreen Auburn, a prominent student housing property conveniently located adjacent to Auburn University. The acquisition marks a significant milestone for the real estate investment firm as it capitalizes on the thriving student housing market. Evergreen Auburn boasts a high occupancy rate, with 486 beds that are 97% leased for the 2023 academic year and has already secured 88% pre-leasing for the 2024 academic year.

Strategic Expansion into Auburn University’s Market

This acquisition not only represents Muinzer's first foray into the Auburn University submarket but also a continuation of their assertive expansion strategy across the nation. Marc Muinzer, Founder and CEO of Muinzer, underscored the importance of investing in quality student housing assets and highlighted Evergreen Auburn as a natural addition to their growing portfolio. "We are investing capital into what we believe is a compelling environment to purchase quality student housing assets. Evergreen Auburn was a logical target for us as we continue the nationwide expansion of our student housing platform," he said. Underlining the firm’s ambitions, Mr. Muinzer added, "We will continue to scale and heavily concentrate our student housing investments near the largest, fastest-growing four-year universities."

Muinzer has been an active participant in the student housing sector since 2002. As one of the largest owners in the influential Big Ten and SEC Conferences, the company is well-recognized for its significant footprint in the market. Michael Snyder, COO of Muinzer, alluded to a steadfast belief in the long-term prospects of student housing. "We continue to have long-term conviction in student housing and are actively deploying capital towards our goal of acquiring an additional $1 billion of student housing assets near high-growth universities," he remarked.

Muinzer's Industry Prowess and Future Growth Plans

Possessing a finely-tuned expertise honed over two decades, Muinzer's affiliations extend through its affiliate, South Street Capital. Together, they have established a robust managerial and development framework across key university markets. With offices in Los Angeles, Knoxville, Auburn, West Lafayette, and Chicago, the firm’s vast reach within the student housing sector near the Big Ten and SEC Conferences is a testament to its leadership and operational capabilities.

For further insight into Muinzer’s vision and operations, interested parties can gain extensive information by visiting their website at

Commitment to Excellent Service and Stakeholder Communication

Muinzer exemplifies a commitment to not only growth and acquisition but also to maintaining a clear channel of communication with stakeholders and the communities they serve. To facilitate this, Muinzer invites inquiries and dialogue through their mailing address at 220 South Street, Suite #200, West Lafayette, IN 47906, or by email, making them accessible to students, property owners, and investors alike. They can be reached via email for any queries or further information ([email protected]).

This latest acquisition by Muinzer, in collaboration with T2 Capital Management, fortifies their position as a prominent player in the student housing market, demonstrating their capacity to identify and invest in valuable properties that serve the vibrant student communities across the United States.

A Snapshot of Evergreen Auburn's Allure

Evergreen Auburn stands as an emblem of student living excellence with amenities that cater to the modern student's needs. The high occupancy rates are indicative of its desirable location and the quality of life it offers its residents. The strategic purchase by Muinzer not only aligns with their growth trajectory but also enhances their ability to provide top-tier student accommodations. Such investments are central to supporting the academic and social success of students at Auburn University.

To view the image of Evergreen Auburn near Auburn University, please click the link here.

Conclusion of a Landmark Deal

The endorsement and investment in the student housing market demonstrated by Muinzer, through this acquisition, underscore the firm's dedication to a sector that shows sustained promise and growth. Their strategic approach, combined with a keen sense of market dynamics, allows Muinzer and its capital partners to capitalize and build upon robust university ecosystems. Evergreen Auburn's incorporation into their portfolio highlights the company's adeptness at targeting assets that meet their stringent criteria for investment and growth. The future of student housing is indeed bright, with Muinzer paving the path forward.

Though the news of this acquisition may resonate predominantly within the circles of real estate and higher education, it also serves as a signal of economic vigor. The student housing niche is an integral part of the broader housing market, and its success is a barometer for university towns’ economic health and the appeal of the educational institutions themselves. Muinzer's movement into the Auburn University submarket with the acquisition of Evergreen Auburn is a reminder of the ever-evolving landscapes of higher education and real estate investment.

The implications for students are immediate and positive; a reputable firm like Muinzer brings with it a legacy of quality housing and responsible management, ensuring that students residing at Evergreen Auburn can expect a living experience that complements their academic journey. The pre-lease numbers for 2024 serve as a testament to Evergreen Auburn's reputation and students' trust in its promise of a safe, convenient, and engaging environment to call home throughout their university tenure.

In conclusion, as Muinzer charts its course through the lucrative waters of student housing investments, driven by a clearly defined strategy earmarked by astute acquisitions like Evergreen Auburn, the broader narrative unfolds one of a sector filled with potential and vitality. Whether catering to domestic students or the growing international cohort seeking quality higher education in the United States, investments such as this secure the infrastructure needed to foster thriving academic communities.

Thus, this acquisition is not just a business transaction; it's a reinforcement of faith in student housing as a niche, in the universities that create demand for such housing, and, ultimately, in the students themselves—the future leaders, innovators, and trailblazers of tomorrow. As Muinzer continues to navigate and expand, the student housing market stands as both a benefactor and beneficiary of this corporate foresight and tenacity.

For additional information, interested stakeholders are encouraged to reach out to Muinzer directly to gain insight into the acquisition, their future plans, and the impact of such investments on the student housing industry. For an industry that touches the lives of countless students and their families, Muinzer's transparency and readiness to communicate is a welcome approach that bodes well for all parties involved.

Contact Information: Muinzer 220 South Street, Suite #200 West Lafayette, IN 47906 Email: [email protected]

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As the article concludes, we come away with a clearer understanding of Muinzer's strategic direction, its prioritization of emerging markets near high-growth universities, and the role that thoughtful, targeted acquisitions play in the broader narrative of student housing growth. With this acquisition, Muinzer reasserts its commitment to delivering high-quality living spaces that are integral to the university experience and vital to the personal growth and success of students at Auburn University and beyond. Evergreen Auburn is poised to continue this legacy, backed by the steadfast vision of a firm that has set its sights on excellence in the student housing market.

Please note that for more visual representations and details on the property, individuals are encouraged to view images and press materials available via the aforementioned image link.

SOURCE: Muinzer

In a market that ebbs and flows with the economic currents, the student housing sector, underpinned by firms like Muinzer, remains a beacon of stability and growth. Evergreen Auburn's acquisition is a chapter that adds depth to the story of student housing and the communities it supports. As students return or enter Auburn University come August, they will find themselves part of a broader narrative shaped by Muinzer’s expertise and commitment to student living - one that transcends mere brick and mortar to become a cornerstone of their collegiate experience.

Looking Forward

As we cast our gaze to the future, the actions of Muinzer and its peers will continue to significantly influence the market, dictating trends and setting standards for what student housing can and should be. With every acquisition, a statement is made; one of faith in the resilience of the sector and in the value that properly managed, well-situated student housing adds to the educational ecosystem. The narrative of Evergreen Auburn is far from over, and under Muinzer's stewardship, it is sure to be a story of continued progress and success.

The acquisition of Evergreen Auburn by Muinzer, in association with T2 Capital Management, marks yet another robust step in the ongoing narrative of student housing. It is a story of thoughtful expansion, confidence in the market, and commitment to the communities around universities like Auburn. As the upcoming academic years unfold, Evergreen Auburn will undoubtedly stand as an embodiment of what can be achieved when experience meets opportunity and when an investment firm genuinely understands the value of the student housing market.

For inquiries and further information about Muinzer and their portfolio, please visit their website or reach out directly via email.

Muinzer Contact Information: Website: Email: [email protected]