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Moomoo and Nasdaq Launch Pioneering Strategic Partnership for Enhanced Trader Insight


Leo Gonzalez

April 4, 2024 - 13:27 pm


Moomoo Joins Forces with Nasdaq to Enhance Investor Insights Through Strategic Global Partnership

JERSEY CITY, N.J., April 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Moomoo, a global powerhouse in the investment and trading platform sector, has proudly announced a strategic global alliance with the financial technology titan, Nasdaq. This partnership cements a noteworthy chapter in the existing alliance of these distinguished entities, who both prioritize the empowerment of investors through state-of-the-art trading technology paired with exhaustive market data and insights.

A Toast to Enduring Collaboration with Exclusive Offers

In commemoration of this historic synergy and upcoming achievements, moomoo is extending an invitation to eligible investors for a unique opportunity to subscribe to a 3-month free trial of Nasdaq TotalView®. This exclusive offering, positioned as the 'insight advantage', aims to significantly elevate the trading experiences for retail investors on the moomoo platform.

Deep Diving into Market Depth with Nasdaq TotalView®

Qualified investors are now privy to exploring the depths of market intricacies with Nasdaq TotalView®, the gold standard of data feeds showcasing unmatched transparency into Nasdaq’s full order book depth. This premium service delivers each individual quote and order across every price level for securities trading on Nasdaq, NYSE, NYSE American, and regional listings, inclusive of a staggering 60-level spread of bid and ask quotes, boasting a liquidity more than twentyfold that of level 2 data. All of this is ready to be harnessed within the fluid, user-optimized confines of the moomoo trading app.

Investors eager to capitalize on this offer can register HERE for a complimentary 3-month trial to access level 2 market data, powered by Nasdaq TotalView®. It's essential to note that terms and conditions will apply*.

Moomoo's Growth and Commitment Over the Years

The business relationship with Nasdaq commenced six years ago when moomoo initially unveiled itself as a trading application in the United States, rooted in a mutual dedication to investor empowerment through technological innovation. Moomoo has since witnessed its influence proliferate, currently extending its services across six countries and regions: Singapore, Australia, Japan, Canada, and Malaysia. The company is celebrated for its user-friendly data solutions, which grant global investors the liberty to make more informed choices backed by real-time insights that are accessible anywhere, at any time.

Over recent years, moomoo has built an admirable reputation and received plaudits for delivering pro-level market data to its users. The integration of Nasdaq TotalView® into moomoo’s extensive collection of tools is yet another bold step towards enhancing the level of market information available to investors. The platform's sophisticated, visually appealing charts assist investors in pinpointing critical price levels where large institutional orders cluster, thereby uncovering potential trading opportunities within the depth of Nasdaq's comprehensive data.

Moreover, moomoo continues to supply its user base with avant-garde trading solutions that simplify the otherwise daunting flood of market data. The platform's array of advanced Charting Tools, which includes a selection of 38 drawing utilities and in excess of 100 indicators, empowers investors to identify and leverage even more opportunities as they navigate their investment journey. The 24/7 complimentary Global News service offered by moomoo keeps investors abreast of the latest market swings, while the Earnings Hub feature ensures they have their fingers on the pulse of complete U.S. Stock earnings data—an invaluable resource during the critical earnings season.

Disclaimer and Continuous Innovation

*After the sake of clarity, it should be noted that following the exclusive promotional period, customers may opt to persist in their use of TotalView® on a subscription basis for a nominal fee. Additional information regarding terms and conditions are available here.

About Moomoo: Empowering the Modern Investor

Moomoo distinguishes itself as one of the leading international investment and trading platforms, resolutely committed to furnishing investors with accessible, powerful, and insightful tools and data. Each component of our platform is meticulously curated to bestow critical information and cutting-edge technology, facilitating astute investment decisions. With advanced charting instruments, elite analytical features, and a burgeoning community-based ethos, Moomoo evolves in tandem with our clientele, fostering a vibrant ecosystem where investors collaborate, discover, and scale new heights.

With its inception in the US, Moomoo's scope is truly global, embracing investors from the US, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Canada, and Malaysia. As part of a Nasdaq-listed parent company, Moomoo takes pride in its strategic global affiliation with Nasdaq and is the recipient of a plethora of international honors from reputable industry entities such as Benzinga and Fintech Breakthrough. Additionally, Moomoo has been lauded with several awards within the US, Singapore, and Australia for its innovative and inclusive approach to investment.

For further insight into moomoo and its offerings, please visit the platform's official website at, or for any enquiries, you may reach out via email at [email protected].

Dive Deeper into the Insight Advantage

Moomoo’s user-friendly interface is complemented by a comprehensive suite of tools designed for both novice and experienced investors to decode market trends and forge strategies. The platform’s design philosophy is centered on clarity, providing an insightful dashboard that depicts the financial landscape in a manner conducive to better, speedier investor decision-making. With moomoo, users are not simply participants in the market; they become insightful strategists capable of leveraging some of the most advanced tools in the trading world.

In the dynamic realm of investments where decisions are made in split seconds, moomoo stands out with its commitment to deliver data in real-time. Each stock tick and market shift is captured and relayed instantly, maintaining a sync with the volatile heartbeat of the global markets. The strategic alliance with Nasdaq further enhances this commitment, presenting an information-rich tapestry for investors to draw upon, ensuring they are always one step ahead.

Moomoo has firmly rooted itself in the ecosystem of tools and platforms available to traders today, setting a benchmark in delivering a user experience enriched with high-quality, actionable data. By integrating the insight advantage of Nasdaq TotalView® into its suite, moomoo embarks on a path to redefine what investors expect from a trading platform.

Fostering a Community of Growth and Learning

Beyond the individual feature set, moomoo nurtures a thriving community of learners and sharers. The platform encourages the exchange of ideas and strategies among its users, fostering a culture of collaborative growth and knowledge sharing. This sense of community also drives innovation within moomoo, as feedback and communal trends shape the evolution of its services.

A Forward-Thinking Approach to Trading and Investment

As the financial landscape evolves with the introduction of new technologies and trading methodologies, moomoo remains at the forefront, anticipating changes and adapting its platform to meet the emerging needs of the modern investor. This forward-thinking mindset is a testament to the company's ambition to not just participate in the industry but to lead and influence its direction.

In Conclusion: The Future of Investing with Moomoo and Nasdaq

The alliance between moomoo and Nasdaq underscores a shared vision for the future of investing—a future where technology and insightful data are leveraged to unlock the full potential of every investor. As moomoo continues to expand its horizons, the partnership with a global market leader like Nasdaq serves as a catalyst for excellence, innovation, and the continued democratization of the investment world.

The landscape of trading and investment continues its relentless evolution, and through strategic partnerships like the one between moomoo and Nasdaq, the pillars of accessibility, insight, and empowerment stand taller than ever. As moomoo broadens its reach and enriches its platform with even greater capabilities, investors worldwide are invited to partake in the next chapter of this transformative era in finance.