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Kevin Price Appointed by IFS to Spearhead Revolutionary EAM Strategy


Benjamin Hughes

May 7, 2024 - 13:54 pm


IFS Welcomes Kevin Price as Global Head to Drive Enterprise Asset Management Dominance

In a strategic move poised to further solidify its market leadership, IFS has announced the appointment of Kevin Price as the Global Head of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). This significant addition to the IFS team underscores the company's rapid expansion within the EAM sector, powered by its advanced artificial intelligence application,, and its deep-seated industry expertise and customer-centric approach. Such endeavors have led to Gartner recognizing IFS as the frontrunner in terms of EAM market share.

Kevin Price Takes the Helm at an Opportune Moment

With the EAM industry witnessing considerable momentum, with businesses increasingly opting for IFS over other contenders like SAP, IBM Maximo, and Hexagon, Kevin Price's extensive background and influence in the EAM domain stand out. As a renowned figure within the EAM community, Kevin has a storied history of ushering asset-centric companies into engagements that highlight value. His professional journey before joining IFS saw him spearheading Pre-Sales at Hexagon Asset Lifecycle Intelligence, focusing on product and market strategies. Additionally, Price has honed his expertise across the entire EAM ecosystem through strategic roles at companies like Infor and Datastream.

A Future Led by Experience and Innovation

IFS's aspiration and ambition go beyond the current market triumphs, eyeing continual preeminence within the asset management arena. According to IFS Chief Operating Officer, Max Roberts, "Kevin's unique depth of knowledge and proven track record of success will be invaluable as we aim to further cement and expand our leadership footprint. We are at an incredibly exciting juncture in our growth, and Kevin's appointment is integral to continuing that trajectory." Roberts emphasizes that IFS's dedication to their customers and comprehensive understanding of the industry furnish compelling and quickly implementable use cases that deliver substantial and rapid value.

Kevin's Vision for IFS’s EAM Future

Upon stepping into his role, Kevin Price expressed his enthusiasm and his perspective on the advancements in EAM technology. Price notes the transition of EAM solutions from monolithic architectures to a service that offers composability — an area where IFS excels and distinguishes itself from the competition. "Our AI-enabled solutions offer customers with intricate asset management needs a substantial technological advantage," Price explains. “I am eager to join forces with Mark Moffat, Max Roberts, and the rest of the IFS team to reinforce our EAM capabilities and extend our market leadership by assisting our customers in delivering exceptional results at the Moment of Service.”

IFS's Market Edge Validated by Gartner

Supporting the strategic significance of Kevin's appointment, IFS was recently esteemed as the leading vendor in the Enterprise Asset Management market by revenue according to Gartner's "Market Share: All Software Markets, Worldwide, 2022" report. This accolade serves as a testament to IFS's robust growth and innovative strides in the EAM market.

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For insights into the latest developments and future direction of IFS EAM, interested parties from different regions can get in touch with the company’s communications representatives.

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Downloadable Content and Media

For those looking for further resources, IFS provides downloadable materials which can be accessed through the links provided below. These include detailed documentation and a profile of Kevin Price:

In-Depth Look: IFS's AI and Customer-Centric Approach Paving the Way for Dominance

IFS's emergence as the fastest growing enterprise software company on the global stage is not coincidental but the result of meticulously harnessing the power of innovation, particularly through Their proprietary artificial intelligence technology has catalyzed their ascendancy in the EAM market, setting them apart from traditional players by offering more agile, intelligent, and use-case driven solutions. This customer-oriented and industry-specific focus is what has been attracting asset-centric organizations to opt for IFS as the solution provider of choice, preferring it over legacy systems like SAP or IBM Maximo. With Gartner's endorsement reaffirming their market share leadership, IFS's strategic appointment of Kevin Price is poised to further propel the company to new heights.

Pioneering in a Competitive Landscape

The EAM market is fiercely competitive, with several renowned names vying for the top spot. Yet, IFS stands out not just for its growth but for the innovative leapfrog it provides to customers through AI-embedded solutions. Bringing Kevin Price's reputable standing and rich experience to the forefront of IFS's strategies is a powerful move, one that may have ripple effects throughout the industry. Price's career, which spans vital roles and extensive leadership across the EAM landscape, equips IFS with an arsenal of deep-rooted insights and a vision for the future that aligns with progressive market dynamics and customer expectations.

Why Industry Watchers Are Paying Attention

The recent developments at IFS have captured the attention of industry analysts and potential clients alike. They represent not just a growth trajectory for IFS but suggest a shift in how asset-intensive businesses might approach their operations moving forward. With the incorporation of AI into their EAM solutions, IFS is primed to shift the paradigm from traditional, often cumbersome asset management practices to more innovative, scalable, and value-driven methodologies. This strategic reinforcement of their EAM proposition with Kevin Price's vision signifies a compelling narrative for businesses looking to elevate their asset management capabilities.

What's Next for IFS and Its Clients

With the vision for the future clearly articulated by the new Global Head of Enterprise Asset Management, IFS is all set to push the boundaries and drive innovation in the asset management space. The focus now turns to strengthening the EAM offerings, making significant inroads in IFS's leadership position, and above all, enabling customers to excel in their Moment of Service. As IFS crafts its journey forward, the industry is anticipating how this bold play will unfold, setting a new standard in asset management excellence that could redefine what is possible for businesses across the globe.

Final Thoughts

The union of Kevin Price's expertise and IFS’s leading-edge technology presents a formidable front in the EAM arena. This dynamic synergy between an industry heavyweight and the world’s fastest-growing enterprise software company is a recipe for groundbreaking developments, innovation, and sustained leadership in the EAM market. The eyes of the industry will be keenly watching as IFS continues its trajectory, underpinned by a clear strategy, customer focus, and next-gen technology that could very well fortify its dominance for years to come.

In summary, the strategic leadership of Kevin Price combined with IFS's commitment to innovation marks the commencement of a new chapter in Enterprise Asset Management. The bold steps being taken by IFS, amplified by a recognition of EAM market share leadership from Gartner, heralds an era where transformative technology meets seasoned industry expertise to unleash unmatched value for customers.

Note: All reported market share figures and statistical representations are as per the Gartner, Market Share: All Software Markets, Worldwide, 2022 report.

For further information or queries regarding this press release or to delve deeper into the capabilities of IFS's Enterprise Asset Management offerings, interested parties are encouraged to utilize the contact details provided above.

The appointment of Kevin Price as the Global Head of Enterprise Asset Management is more than a newsworthy event; it's a signal to the market that IFS is not just participating but is intent on leading the EAM evolution with conviction, innovation, and a customer-centric approach that truly differentiates. As Price takes the reins of IFS's EAM future, the industry is poised to witness a new era of asset management—one where IFS aims to redefine standards and catalyze growth for asset-centric businesses around the world.

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Through this pivotal appointment and strategic direction, IFS demonstrates its unwavering commitment to leading in the Enterprise Asset Management sector, leveraging cutting-edge technology and expert knowledge to provide substantial solutions that cater to the evolving demands of businesses worldwide.

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As the landscape of Enterprise Asset Management continues to grow and transform, IFS, with its robust solutions and strong leadership, is ready to take center stage. This journey epitomizes the marriage of technological prowess and industry-savvy expertise and marks a pivotal turning point for organizations looking to propel their asset management capabilities into the future.

Kevin Price's tenure as IFS's Global Head of Enterprise Asset Management begins amid a period of significant anticipation, as stakeholders look forward to the forthcoming innovations and growth within the domain. His expertise, coupled with IFS's strong positioning and next-generation technology, is promising to provide a roadmap for excellence in asset management that will benefit businesses across the globe.