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Kennel Connection Marks 30 Years of Innovative Pet Care Management Solutions


Lauren Miller

May 3, 2024 - 15:23 pm


Celebrating Three Decades of Pioneering Pet Care Solutions: Kennel Connection's 30th Anniversary

MOORPARK, Calif., May 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The renowned FinTech company Kennel Connection proudly celebrates its 30th anniversary, marking a significant milestone of innovation, growth, and leadership in the pet care industry. Over the past three decades, Kennel Connection has upheld its founding principle of offering client-centric solutions, maintaining a leading edge and setting a benchmark for excellence. Transitioning from an inspired idea to a trailblazing force, Kennel Connection has successfully redefined the management of pet care services.

The Dawn of a New Era in Pet Care Facility Management

Kennel Connection's journey into the technological forefront began with its DOS-based software unveiled in 1994, followed by the groundbreaking introduction of a Windows version in 1996. These early accomplishments established the foundation for an enduring legacy of innovation, leading up to the exciting release of the Kennel Connection Cloud in 2024. In alignment with this legacy, the company's strategic consolidation with PawLoyalty in 2023 has further elevated its suite of solutions. This merger enriched Kennel Connection's offering, enabling small business owners to optimize their operations and enhance profitability through advanced FinTech Software Platforms. Today, Kennel Connection stands out as the sole FinTech solution in the pet care space with a history stretching back three decades.

Reflections on 30 Years of Trailblazing Innovation

Jeff Brodsly, CEO of Kennel Connection, looks back on the company's remarkable journey with a sense of pride and anticipation for the future. Recognizing the importance of both retrospection and forward-thinking, Brodsly remarks, "Celebrating 30 years isn't only about the achievements of the past. It’s about our unwavering dedication to innovation and the bright future we endeavor to build. Our path has been carved by an unyielding motivation to address the evolving demands of the pet care industry, and our steadfast support for small business owners has been the cornerstone of our growth and prosperity."

Concurrently, Mark Gorrie, the original mastermind behind Kennel Connection, reminisces about the transformation from serving a single local client to reaching thousands globally. He fondly recollects, "Witnessing its growth from a single local client to a global footprint has been astounding. I had the privilege of collaborating with one of the most talented and dedicated teams in the industry, many of whom remain integral to the company's ongoing success."

Fueling Success Through Client Collaboration

Integral to Kennel Connection's sustained triumph is its unwavering commitment to its user community. Keith McSwain, a long-time user and CEO of The Pet Lodge of Pinehurst, extols the software for its pivotal role in enhancing the operational efficiency and progressive growth of their facility. McSwain emphasizes how Kennel Connection’s attentiveness to user feedback and steadfast pursuit of advancement has cemented its reputation as an indispensable partner in the industry.

Introducing Next-Gen Features for the Modern Pet Business

Celebrating its milestone anniversary, Kennel Connection has unveiled the revolutionary Kennel Connection Cloud. This new platform features cutting-edge innovations such as Text-To-Pay, a comprehensive Client Portal, seamless Online Reservations, and an insightful Business Intelligence suite. These pioneering features are a testament to Kennel Connection's commitment to providing adaptable, top-tier solutions to the unique challenges faced by the pet care industry. With these advancements, Kennel Connection assures exceptional service continuity and accessibility, offering pet care facilities the vital tools needed to excel, irrespective of their geographical location or internet reliability.

Advancing into the Future of FinTech in Pet Care

Looking towards the horizon, Kennel Connection continues to spearhead FinTech innovation, focusing on enhancing the user experience and delivering cutting-edge technology designed to enable clients to work more efficiently and effectively. With its extensive suite of management tools—ranging from reservation systems to integrated payment mechanisms—Kennel Connection empowers pet care experts with technologies that streamline operations, improve customer interactions, and ensure the welfare of pets entrusted to their care.

About Kennel Connection

Kennel Connection, powered by the outstanding 100GROUP, is a front-runner in crafting novel software solutions tailored for pet care businesses. The company provides an array of management tools that are meticulously designed to simplify business operations and augment the customer experience. Taking the lead in enabling pet care professionals, Kennel Connection’s feature-rich platform encompasses all facets of management, such as secure reservation systems, effective client communications, streamlined billing, and comprehensive reporting.

Moreover, Kennel Connection incorporates innovative features such as Text-To-Pay, digital agreements, sophisticated online booking systems, and fully integrated credit card processing. These features are all aimed at fostering efficiency and improving organizational structure in daily business activities. Leveraging avant-garde technology, Kennel Connection delivers customizable solutions that address the distinct necessities of pet boarding establishments, grooming salons, and dog daycare centers.

Kennel Connection utilizes these technological advancements to meet the evolving expectations and demands of the pet care industry. Not only do these solutions enable businesses to achieve heightened levels of productivity, but they also enhance their ability to provide superior services to their clients and the pets that they serve. The priority is always on efficient operation and the happiness and safety of the animals.

As the industry emerges from the influence of traditional processes, Kennel Connection leads the way through the digital transformation of pet care facilities. The ability of pet care businesses to adapt to contemporary technologies is crucial in maintaining competitiveness in a rapidly changing market. Kennel Connection's comprehensive offerings are the result of detailed research and understanding of the sector’s trends and challenges, which have allowed them to remain at the pinnacle of technological innovation for three decades.

Forging Ahead with Game-Changing Pet Care Technology

The groundbreaking Kennel Connection Cloud symbolizes the company’s commitment to progress and its ability to foresee industry trends. This state-of-the-art platform enables pet care businesses to harness the power of cloud computing, thereby increasing their operational flexibility and scalability. Facilities can manage their operations remotely, ensuring that administrators and staff have access to critical information, regardless of their physical location. This allows them to respond swiftly to customer inquiries, update reservations in real-time, and manage financial transactions with ease and security.

Kennel Connection’s all-inclusive ecosystem is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that businesses can adopt new functionalities without the need for extensive training or technical expertise. The integration of feedback mechanisms is a testament to the company's user-first approach to software development. By valuing the input from those who utilize the platform daily, Kennel Connection has crafted a solution that is not only technologically advanced but also incredibly intuitive and aligned with the needs of pet care professionals worldwide.

Enriching the Client and Pet Experience with Innovative Solutions

Kennel Connection's commitment to enhancing the client experience is evident in features like the Text-To-Pay system and Client Portal, which streamline transactions and foster seamless communication. These client-facing innovations are essential to meeting the expectations of today's tech-savvy pet owners, who value convenience and transparency in their interactions with pet care providers. Similarly, Online Reservations empower clients to book services at their leisure, providing a level of autonomy and flexibility that further elevates customer satisfaction.

The introduction of Business Intelligence tools within Kennel Connection Cloud allows for data-driven decision-making, equipping pet care facilities with the insights needed to optimize their services, customize their marketing strategies, and anticipate the needs of their clientele. Through strategic use of data, businesses can refine their operations and cater to the precise demands of their market, setting the stage for increased retention, growth, and success.

Guiding Pet Care Business Success with Comprehensive Management Tools

Kennel Connection's suite of management tools extends beyond the immediate needs of client interaction and reservation systems. By encompassing the entire customer journey—from initial contact to billing and follow-up—the software streamlines every aspect of the pet care business. The incorporation of automated billing and reporting functions reduces administrative burdens, enabling providers to focus on delivering exceptional care to the animals.

Digital contracts and advanced booking capabilities further demonstrate Kennel Connection's vision of an interconnected and streamlined pet care industry. The seamless processes of onboarding new clients, managing their information, and processing their transactions illustrate the immense potential for technology to enhance the efficiency of pet care services. Furthermore, integrated credit card processing ensures secure and convenient payment options, reflecting the broader FinTech innovations found across industries.

Conclusion: A Visionary Journey and a Promising Future

In the 30 years since its founding, Kennel Connection has grown from a pioneer in the pet care industry into a visionary leader with global reach. As it steps into the next decade, the company remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that reshape the landscape of pet care technology. By consistently prioritizing the needs of pet care professionals and the animals they care for, Kennel Connection reinforces its status as a partner to the industry, guiding it towards an efficient and prosperous future.

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