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Kamux Corporation’s Shareholder Dynamics Transform as Danish Bank Reduces Stake


Lauren Miller

April 5, 2024 - 13:19 pm


Kamux Corporation Experiences a Significant Shift in Shareholder Composition

ESPOO, Finland, April 5, 2024 – Kamux Corporation, a pioneer in the used car retail market, has today issued a stock exchange release pertaining to a notable change in the ownership structure of the company's shares and voting power. The Flagging Release disclosed that the Finnish Fund managed by Danske Bank A/S, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, has had its stake in Kamux Corporation reduced below the five percent threshold as of April 4, 2024.

The news follows the Danish bank's disposal of shares or voting rights, triggering a mandated notification to Kamux under Chapter 9, Section 5 of the Finnish Securities Markets Act (SMA). This statutory requirement is designed to maintain transparency in the marketplace and inform the public of significant changes in company ownership.

Detailed Breakdown of the Changed Holdings

Following the disposal made by Danske Bank A/S, the aggregated ownership status in Kamux Corporation has reached a new settling point. Before the transaction, the funds managed by the bank held 5.01 percent of Kamux's shares and voting rights. The recent action saw this participation diminish slightly to 4.95 percent. The bank issued a flagged notification indicating a post-transaction holding of 1,979,160 shares in the auto retailer—a figure representing 4.95 percent of the total number of shares and voting rights within the company, which amounts to 40,017,420 shares.

The notification delineated and clarified the resulting position stemming from the threshold being crossed, alluding to the shares identified by the ISIN code FI4000206750. The disposal involved no direct holdings under SMA Section 9:5, as the entirety of Danske Bank's interest in Kamux operates through indirect holdings per SMA Sections 9:6 and 9:7. It is through this indirect interest that the bank now wields 4.95 percent clout in the car sales entity's overall schema.

Insight into Kamux Corporation

Kamux Corporation has been a rising star in the automotive industry since its inception in Hämeenlinna, Finland, in 2003. Combining the convenience of online shopping with an expansive network of physical showrooms, Kamux has consistently delivered exceptional customer experiences and established itself as a powerhouse in used car retailing throughout Finland, Sweden, and Germany.

As of the year 2023, the company has channeled its innovative business model into the sale of over half a million cars, 68,257 of which transitioned through their system over the course of that year alone. Kamux's financials reflect its impressive growth trajectory, with reported revenues surpassing the EUR 1 billion mark in 2023, underlining its lucrative operational capacities. Moreover, Kamux Corporation prides itself on having a robust workforce, with an average equivalent of 885 full-time employees dedicated to driving the company's success.

Kamux's blueprint for prosperity synergizes its digital reach with a total of 78 showrooms strategically placed across its operational regions. This hybrid approach optimizes consumer access and service satisfaction, setting a high bar for competitors in the automotive sector.

Public Relations and Investor Relations Communication Channels

Katariina Hietaranta takes on the role of helming Kamux's communications and investor relations. Holding the title of Head of Communications & IR, she is the designated point of contact for further details regarding the Danske Bank A/S's recent flagging notification. Hietaranta's availability and commitment to transparency serve as invaluable resources for shareholders and the public at large who may seek a deeper understanding of the shifts in the company's shareholder structure.

Additional Information and Online Resources

For those interested in obtaining more in-depth knowledge about Kamux Corporation and its operations, an abundance of information is available on its website, The site is a comprehensive resource, offering visitors detailed insights into Kamux's extensive catalog of used vehicles, additional integrated services, and the company's groundbreaking approach to meeting customer needs both online and in-person.

Further corroborating details about the flagging notification can be found at the Cision News website. This platform enables stakeholders and interested parties to access the notification specifics at

The full notification regarding Kamux Corporation's change in shareholding can be directly accessed through the following link: Flagging notification details. Here, readers can view the complete announcement and better understand the implications of Danske Bank A/S's adjusted stake in Kamux.


The subtle yet significant shift in share ownership reported by Kamux Corporation reflects the dynamic nature of contemporary securities markets. As regulatory frameworks like the SMA safeguard the principles of market transparency, such notifications serve to inform and assure both shareholders and potential investors about the financial movements influencing company control and stability.

Kamux remains at the forefront of automotive retail innovation, with a track record of success that extends across three European nations and a robust plan for meeting consumer demands in the digital age. While the recent change in ownership by Danske Bank A/S marks a notable event in the company's shareholder history, it is but one of many developments in Kamux's ongoing narrative of expansion and service excellence.

As Kamux Corporation continues to evolve and redefine the used car buying experience, it simultaneously enhances shareholder value through diligent corporate governance and strategic growth planning. Whether through showroom expansions or further digital integrations, the company is poised for continued advancement in the competitive landscape of vehicle sales.

Final Thoughts

Kamux's resilient business structure and continued commitment to service excellence are expected to propel the company forward, irrespective of the altering tides in its shareholder base. The progressive precepts upon which Kamux has built its brand—customer satisfaction, digital innovation, and a robust physical dealership presence—remain steadfast. These pillars will undoubtedly continue to serve as the bedrock for Kamux's future endeavors and aspirations.

With vigilant communication and investor relations personnel at its helm, the corporation is positioned to address any stakeholder concerns and maintain an open, trustworthy dialogue with its investors. As the landscape of the automotive industry encounters new challenges and milestones, Kamux Corporation showcases an adaptable and proactive model for success within its sector.

In conclusion, the intricate tapestry of ownership and investment that defines Kamux's corporate culture is further highlighted by the transparent reporting of changes such as those conducted by Danske Bank A/S. It is through these disclosures that the company fortifies its relationship with the public and upholds its stature as a transparent and reliable entity in the market.

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