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Janet Dickinson Takes Helm as COO, Fueling Innovation in Endeavor 3D's Operational Strategy


Lauren Miller

April 2, 2024 - 12:59 pm


Endeavor 3D Announces Janet Dickinson as New Chief Operations Officer to Strengthen Operational Excellence

ATLANTA, April 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/--In a strategic move to bolster management as the company forges ahead, Endeavor 3D has proudly declared that Janet Dickinson will assume the role of Chief Operations Officer with immediate effect. She will embark on the crucial task of steering the company's advanced polymer and metal additive manufacturing operations, which have shown remarkable growth. Alongside this, she will enhance the quality control sector of the company. Having previously crafted the commercial strategy at Endeavor 3D, Dickinson now expands her remit to include a broader spectrum of technology implementation and perpetual refinement. She will join forces with Phil Arnold, the company's Founder and Chief Executive Officer, to drive success in this new endeavor.

Janet Dickinson, Endeavor 3D Chief Operating Officer

Visionary Leadership and Client Success

"Janet has orchestrated the scalability of our business model and commercial tactics with remarkable efficiency and grace," Phil Arnold asserted. The sentiment within Endeavor 3D is one of great optimism as Dickinson, with her extraordinary track record, is viewed as the ideal catalyst to amplify operational efficiency, further consolidating the company's growth trajectory and fostering collaborative success with clients and industry partners.

Janet Dickinson is a seasoned professional bringing over three decades worth of expertise in high-mixture, high-volume manufacturing, a background that aligns exceptionally well with the ambitious goals of the additive manufacturing sector. This segment is presently at the crux of a major shift, aiming to extend its reach into the realm of industrial applications. Dickinson's journey with Phil Arnold began at his international construction products company, where she excelled as the operational manager. Her purview encompassed the oversight of manufacturing, supply chain logistics, IT, accounting, human resources, safety, and regulatory compliance. Her leadership philosophy is deeply rooted in a customer-centric, people-first doctrine. Dickinson's blend of strategic operational knowhow and astute information systems insights position her perfectly to propel the company's digital manufacturing strategies. The primary aims are to boost operational efficiencies, spearhead innovation, cut costs, and consistently heighten customer satisfaction levels.

Operational Efficiency and Customer Focus

"Endeavor 3D stands out due to the commitment and passion of its team who are the bedrock of our operations," Dickinson highlighted. Her primary focus will be to escalate operational efficiencies by refining internal processes and system functionalities to support the needs of both existing and prospective clientele. With the right mix of state-of-the-art tools and a talent-rich workforce, Dickinson is poised to meet the demands of her newfound responsibilities, holistically uplifting the operational landscape of the company.

Community Engagement and Upcoming Events

Located merely 30 minutes west of Atlanta in Douglasville, GA, Endeavor 3D not only excels in its industrial operations but plays an integral role as an engaged and growing member of the community. For those interested in connecting and learning more about the company's ongoing projects and community events, visiting Endeavor 3D Events provides valuable insights.

Comprehensive Additive Manufacturing Solutions

Endeavor 3D is esteemed as a premier additive manufacturing solution provider, commanding a significant position as one of the largest 3D printing contract manufacturers in the southeastern United States. The company specializes across the spectrum from product design and production to post-processing and stringent quality control of essential parts and assemblies. Serving high-stakes industries such as medical devices, consumer products, aerospace, and transportation markets, Endeavor 3D amalgamates decades of traditional manufacturing prowess with an advanced 65,000-square-foot facility located in the Metro Atlanta area. Their commitment is to establish themselves as a pillar in manufacturing partnerships across diverse industries. In their pursuit of excellence, Endeavor 3D is proud to hold the ISO 9001-2015 certification and is distinguished as an HP Digital Manufacturing Network Partner. This certifies that the company adheres to top-tier quality, high-volume production at scale, and robust quality management systems.

The company extends an invitation to learn more about its services and capabilities through their official Website as well as to gain insights into the latest industry trends and company news by connecting on LinkedIn.

For media-related inquiries, contact, Ryan Hayford, is available by reaching out to [email protected]

Endeavor 3D looks forward to a bright future under the experienced guidance of Janet Dickinson, whose leadership promises to drive the company's operations to even greater heights. As the manufacturing landscape evolves, Endeavor 3D remains resolutely at the cutting edge and looks to share its advancements and success with its expanding customer base and dedicated partners.

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