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Industry Powerhouse West Pico Distributors Reinforces Grocery Channel with Strategic Hire


Benjamin Hughes

March 29, 2024 - 12:57 pm


West Pico Distributors Enhances Grocery Channel with Strategic Appointment of Industry Veteran

VERNON, Calif., March 29, 2024 - West Pico Distributors (WPD), a prominent player in the Southern California kosher foods market, has announced a substantial enhancement to its leadership team by naming Bill Finke as their new Director of Retail Sales for the Grocery Channel. In a synchronized effort with Kayco, the nation's foremost authority on kosher products and lifestyle, this strategic move underlines WPD's commitment to expanding its retail footprint and fostering robust growth within the grocery sector.

Jayson Folus, President of DSM Distribution Services Management and the guiding force behind the team at WPD, shared his enthusiasm about the significant appointment stating, "We are at a momentous juncture as we welcome Bill Finke into our family. His impressive leadership abilities and proven track record in sales make him an invaluable addition to the WPD family."

In his newly minted position at the helm of the WPD retail team, Finke is charged with a critical mission: to lead the independent grocery channel retail sales route and oversee its flourishing development. His direct report will be to John Jimenez, WPD’s seasoned Vice President of Sales for Chain and General Market, ensuring that his direction is in sync with the organization's overarching strategies.

Drawing on over three decades of rich experience in the domains of specialty, natural, and kosher food distribution, Finke's deep-seated industry knowledge and illustrious career accomplishments set the stage for his upcoming endeavors at WPD. Jimenez, shedding light on expectations from this veteran's entry into the team, commented, "We're poised at the brink of revolutionary growth, and Finke's appointment symbolizes our unwavering commitment to excellence. His expertise will undoubtedly catalyze WPD's trajectory towards greater success."

This strategic appointment not only reinforces the executive framework of WPD but also evokes a sense of pride within the organization. Folus further expresses, "Building a proficient and dynamic team has been our cornerstone, and Finke is a welcome addition alongside the likes of Bob Beyers, our Retail Operations Manager; Elias Naghi, the lead of our independent Kosher team; John Jimenez, and Kurt Mitchell, our esteemed Chief Operating Officer."

With roots dating back to 1948, WPD boasts a long-standing history of excellence and today stands tall as the leading distributor of kosher foods across Southern California. Their alliance with Kayco only strengthens their position in the marketplace. For further details about WPD’s services and offerings, interested parties can gather more information by visiting their official website

Likewise, Kayco, the family-managed behemoth sharing its inception year with WPD, has etched its name across major markets globally. Kayco's committed team delivers an expansive array of more than thousands of kosher supervised products, setting the bar high in terms of service excellence to its customers and partners. Their reach spans the entirety of the United States and extends to over 30 countries, illustrating their international prowess in the kosher food and beverage sector.

Kayco's illustrious product portfolio is a testament to its leadership in the kosher industry. Within the fabled Kayco Kosher Umbrella are distinguished brands such as Gefen, Heaven & Earth, Manischewitz, and Tuscanini - each resonating quality and authenticity. KAYCO continues to define and elevate the kosher marketplace with innovation and traditional values meshed perfectly.

For more details or media-related inquiries, representatives can reach out to Kayco’s dedicated media relations channel. For prompt and professional communication, contact their media relations via email at [email protected] or by telephone at (973) 650-1218. This avenue ensures that all interested media outlets and individuals can gain comprehensive insights and responses regarding the latest endeavors of Kayco.

As a vital source and information hub, West Pico Distributors pledges transparency and accessibility to the public, affirming their role as an eminent figure within the industry. Aligning with their promise to provide superior services and products, WPD's collaboration with Kayco and the strategic incorporation of experts like Bill Finke pronounce a bright and prosperous future for kosher distribution in the region.

This move by WPD, harmoniously blending tradition with a modern strategic vision, symbolizes a new chapter for the company as it continues to navigate the challenges of a diverse and ever-evolving market landscape. The commitment to strengthening its leadership roster with seasoned professionals like Finke, coupled with a partnership that synergizes well with its organizational goals, sets West Pico Distributors on an ambitious path toward redefining the kosher food distribution scene.

Understanding the significance of this appointment for the organization, WPD anticipates that Finke's vast knowledge in retail sales and distribution will usher a wave of innovation and strategy that aligns with the company's values and long-term objectives. This pairing with Kayco’s expansive reach and reputation in the kosher world is a strategic alliance that is poised to yield dividends of success and customer satisfaction.

Moreover, as the demand for kosher products continues to escalate among health-conscious consumers and religious communities, the joint efforts of companies like WPD and Kayco not only serve the needs of the kosher market but also present an inclusive approach catering to a wider audience. The expertise brought in by Finke will likely bolster these efforts and drive a sustained influence on the industry trends.

With a history of delivering quality and forging enduring relationships with retailers and customers alike, WPD and Kayco's steadfast dedication to the kosher market demonstrates their readiness to not just respond to market needs, but to actively shape and influence the direction of the kosher distribution industry. Bill Finke’s strategic leadership is set to be a cornerstone in these ongoing initiatives.

The impact of these deliberate and forward-thinking strategies is anticipated to reverberate through the industry, drawing attention to the growing significance of the kosher market and the potential it holds. As Finke steps into his role and begins to navigate the complexities and opportunities of the grocery channel, the industry will undoubtedly keep a close watch on the innovations and growth that stem from this pivotal appointment.

As the narrative of kosher food distribution continues to unfold, the collaboration between two seasoned entities within the space - West Pico Distributors and Kayco - signifies an era of renewed vigor, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. The kosher food landscape is shifting, and with leaders like Bill Finke steering the charge, the horizons are as promising as they are limitless.

In conclusion, the appointment of Bill Finke by West Pico Distributors is more than a mere personnel change; it is a strategic enrichment to the team that is envisioned to catalyze growth, set new industry standards, and exceed expectations in the kosher food distribution market. With his hand on the pulse of WPD's retail aspirations, Finke's insights and leadership will undoubtedly chart a new course for the company and for the wider industry at large.

West Pico Distributors and Kayco, through their unparalleled partnership and dedication to superior quality, continue to serve as beacons in the kosher products industry. As they move forward with this new leadership dynamic, their combined efforts are sure to embody a blend of tradition and innovation, preserving their legacy while paving ahead for a brighter, more prosperous future in the kosher market landscape.

(Source: West Pico Distributors)

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