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Imagine Baking Acquired by Commercial Bakeries, Pioneering Better-For-You Snack Market


Benjamin Hughes

May 17, 2024 - 22:43 pm


Innovative Baking Leader Imagine Baking Joins Forces With Industry Titan Commercial Bakeries

DENVER, May 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a significant move within the bakery sector, SDR Ventures confirmed today that Imagine Baking, Inc., a venerated leader in the baking industry, has been successfully acquired by Commercial Bakeries Corp., which is part of the Graham Partners’ portfolio. Throughout the transaction, SDR Ventures acted as the exclusive sell-side advisor, steering the deal to a promising conclusion for both parties involved.

A New Era for Imagine Baking, Inc.

Imagine Baking has earned a reputation for crafting an array of specialty baked goods such as premium crackers, cookies, biscuits, brittles, and chips. The company's commitment to innovation is especially evident in their focus on gluten-free, organic, and better-for-you snacking options. Based in the industrious town of Sandusky, Ohio, Imagine Baking boasts over 114,000 square feet of state-of-the-art facilities including dedicated manufacturing lines, diverse packaging capabilities, and an expansive research and development laboratory poised to energize the combined endeavors of both companies moving forward.

Founders Adrienne and John O'Donnell openly expressed their gratitude for the diligence and strategic insight that Logan and the team at SDR Ventures brought to the table throughout the acquisition process. Their efforts were pivotal in crafting a path that would ensure a mutually beneficial relationship between Imagine Baking and Commercial Bakeries. Looking ahead, the O'Donnells eagerly anticipate bringing their innovative spirit to the extensive product range at Commercial Bakeries, setting the stage for what they believe will be a transformative change, creating a singular shopping destination catering to both brands and private label needs.

Imagine Baking's legacy includes the creation and promotion of successful national brands that have left a lasting impression over the years. The company has also brought a fresh perspective to the contract baking industry, with its team’s ability to devise and produce private label products for prominent retail names. The drive to disrupt the market and deliver forward-thinking baking solutions has the Imagine Baking team excited to continue producing top-quality, trendsetting products.

With the headquarters of Commercial Bakeries located in Toronto, Canada, this strategic acquisition allows the company to amplify its presence within the burgeoning North American market for private label cookies and crackers. Shawn Warren, the CEO of Commercial Bakeries, has warmly welcomed the O'Donnells and their team into the fold, confident that the integration of Imagine Baking will reinforce their commitment to ‘Baking Up Better’ on a daily basis and in all aspects of their operations.

"The combined vision and complementary capabilities of Imagine Baking and Commercial Bakeries are truly synergistic. As a unified front, they are well-placed to seize growth opportunities far beyond those achievable as separate entities. The potential for their future is tremendous," affirmed Scott Mitchell, Managing Director at SDR Ventures.

Vice President Logan Bohlender of SDR Ventures also chimed in, reflecting on the pleasure of collaborating with the O'Donnells. Their passionate approach to revolutionizing the better-for-you food sector has been an inspiration. He remarked on the privilege of aiding their visionary project and seeing it come to fruition.

About Commercial Bakeries Corp.

Commercial Bakeries Corp. stands as a resilient production force of private label packaged cookies, with a specialization in niche/premium, better-for-you, and seasonal/limited-time offerings. Headquartered in the bustling city of Toronto, Canada, the company maintains a strong operational foundation, primarily serving the retail and co-manufacturing channels. With North America as its main market, Commercial Bakeries cultivates partnerships with numerous retail grocery chains and distinguished brands.

The Vision and Contributions of Imagine Baking

Imagine Baking has carved a niche in the baking industry as a premier manufacturer of upscale crackers, cookies, biscuits, and brittle. Known for its collaborative spirit, Imagine Baking has an impressive history of working alongside brands to conceptualize, refine, and bring to market innovative baking creations that keep pace with evolving consumer trends.

Graham Partners and Their Investment Ethos

Graham Partners, an esteemed private investment firm, is lauded for its strategic investments in tech-driven entities that are innovating in advanced manufacturing. By fostering innovations that lead to product substitutions, transformations in raw material use, and disruptions in traditional end markets, they have become a cornerstone in the investment community. Stationed in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Graham Partners benefits from a wealth of operational resources and industry knowledge. It is an integral part of The Graham Group, a legacy of entrepreneurial spirit derived from Donald Graham, encompassing a range of independent businesses, investment entities, and philanthropic undertakings.

Rebecca Kemp is the point of contact for media inquiries and can provide additional insights and information pertaining to the transaction.

SDR Ventures is recognized as the orchestrating source behind the successful acquisition, aligning the futures of Imagine Baking and Commercial Bakeries for collaborative success in the exciting space of sophisticated and health-conscious baked goods.

For more details regarding this transformative acquisition within the bakery industry, Imagine Baking, Inc. and details of their offerings can be found at their website Imagine Baking, Inc.. More information on Graham Partners and their investment philosophy can be learned by visiting Graham Partners. Learn more about SDR Ventures' role as a sell-side advisor at their services page SDR Ventures Services. Further information on the managing team can be checked out at Managing Director Scott Mitchell and Vice President Logan Bohlender.

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This news article is sponsored by SDR Ventures, providing insight into the changing landscape of the food industry and the companies shaping the future of health conscious eating and innovative baking solutions.

In conclusion, the acquisition of Imagine Baking, Inc. by Commercial Bakeries Corp., under the guidance of Graham Partners, signifies a transformative chapter for the companies involved and the bakery industry at large. As these two powerhouses join forces, the market eagerly anticipates the fruits of their combined expertise and innovation capacities, which are bound to reshape consumer experiences in the realm of better-for-you snacks and baked goods.