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Graybar Crowned as America's Customer Service Titan in 2024 Rankings


Benjamin Hughes

May 16, 2024 - 13:57 pm


Graybar Distinguished as a Leader in Customer Service, Awarded as one of America's Customer Service Champions in 2024

ST. LOUIS, May 16, 2024 – In a recent announcement that speaks volumes about its dedication to customer satisfaction, Graybar has been commended for outstanding customer service, securing its spot among America's Customer Service Champions 2024. This news was shared by USA TODAY and Plant-A Insights Group, underscoring Graybar's longstanding commitment to providing exceptional service in the electrical and communications sectors.

USA TODAY Names Graybar One of America’s Customer Service Champions 2024 USA TODAY Names Graybar One of America’s Customer Service Champions 2024.

Recognizing Excellence Across Industries

The designation of America's Customer Service Champions 2024 is a prestigious acknowledgment that shines a light on companies leading the charge in customer service across 67 diverse sectors. These sectors range from service providers and traditional brick-and-mortar retailers to expansive online stores. To determine the recipients of this award, a comprehensive online survey was conducted in which over 33,000 consumers from the U.S. participated. These shoppers provided exhaustive input, resulting in more than 519,000 company evaluations.

This study is one of the most significant independent surveys focused solely on customer experiences throughout the United States, reflecting a broad spectrum of consumer interactions and opinions.

A Tradition of Exceptional Service

"Exceptional customer service has been the hallmark of Graybar's success for 155 years," remarked Kathleen M. Mazzarella, Chairman, President, and CEO of Graybar. As the company celebrates 95 years of employee ownership this year, Mazzarella points out that this esteemed recognition serves as both a tribute to Graybar's dedicated workforce and an indicator of their continuous efforts to deliver unparalleled customer experiences within the industry. The company extends gratitude to its customer base for their unwavering trust and to USA TODAY and Plant-A Insights Group for the honor.

Honors and Achievements

Graybar's commitment to excellence and employee satisfaction does not stop at this recent accolade. Earlier in May, Graybar was named a US Best Managed Company by Deloitte Private and The Wall Street Journal. Furthermore, the corporation was celebrated as a recipient of the 2024 Top Workplaces USA award by Energage—marking the fourth consecutive year of receiving this distinction.

For more detailed insights into America's Customer Service Champions 2024, interested readers can access the relevant sources provided by USA TODAY and Plant-A Insights Group.

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A Legacy of Leadership and Employee Ownership

Graybar stands as a Fortune 500 corporation and is recognized as one of North America's largest employee-owned companies. As a leader in distributing high-quality electrical, communications, and data networking products, the company specializes in offering comprehensive supply chain management and logistics services. Through a network spanning more than 345 distribution facilities in North America, Graybar connects customers with thousands of manufacturers, helping power, network, automate, and safeguard their operations with efficiency, intelligence, and precision.

For more information about Graybar and its services, interested individuals can visit or reach out via phone by calling 1-800-GRAYBAR.

A Word from Graybar's Contact

Graybar's drive to prioritize customer service and employee engagement has garnered widespread attention. Providing information and keeping the public informed about the company's milestones, Tim Sommer, a designated media contact at Graybar, is available for further queries and details.

To contact Tim Sommer for media inquiries, please use the following information:

Tim Sommer
(314) 578-7672
Email Tim Sommer


Graybar's recent distinctions underscore the company's impactful presence in the industry, highlighting the tangible benefits of an employee-owned structure that prioritizes customer service. With a track record of over a century and a half, it's clear why Graybar stands out as a champion in America's customer service landscape. Their recent acknowledgments from Deloitte, The Wall Street Journal, Energage, USA TODAY, and Plant-A Insights Group affirm their dedication to maintaining a workplace that fosters exemplary service, performance, and a culture of appreciation for both customers and employees.

About Graybar

Graybar, a key figure in the distribution of essential electrical and communication tools, has been at the forefront of promoting cutting-edge products aimed at enhancing the infrastructure of modern enterprises. With a storied heritage, the company continues its mission, bridging the gap between manufacturers and a diverse clientele seeking innovative solutions for power, network configurations, automation, and security needs.

Supplying Solutions That Power Progress

At its core, Graybar's success stems from a comprehensive inventory backed by an expansive network of distribution facilities. Their offerings are diverse, designed to meet the demands of various industries that rely on the efficient and secure operation of electrical and data networking systems.

By championing efficiency and intelligence, Graybar provides a vital service emphasizing speed and technological sophistication, ensuring that its clients are well-equipped to face the challenges of an evolving digital landscape.

The Pinnacle of Customer Service

The selection as one of America's Customer Service Champions 2024 is no small feat and represents the pinnacle of Graybar's customer service ethos. Garnering such an accolade demands not just a superficial commitment, but a deeply institutionalized ethos that places customer satisfaction at the heart of every transaction, strategy, and corporate decision.

Methodology Behind the Recognition

The methodology for determining America's Customer Service Champions is as rigorous as it is extensive. Through a vast and anonymous online survey, real customers candidly assess their experiences across various sectors. The high volume of responses lends credibility to the process, ensuring that the champions are indeed reflective of the collective consumer voice.

Forging Ahead with Innovation and Integrity

As Graybar moves forward, the focus remains steadfast on innovation, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence in all facets of business. Awards like America's Customer Service Champions 2024 exemplify not just the company's past achievements but pave the way for the continued evolution and enhancement of their service offerings.

A Legacy of Employee Ownership at 95 Years

Graybar's unique positioning as an employee-owned entity for nearly a century provides a glimpse into the culture that drives their service excellence. The added personal stake each employee has in the company's performance reinforces a collective commitment to surpassing customer expectations at every opportunity.

In conclusion, Graybar's recognition as one of America's Customer Service Champions in 2024 is a testament to the enduring values and operational excellence that have become synonymous with the company's brand. With a robust distribution network, exceptional employee engagement, and a forward-thinking approach to supply chain solutions, Graybar is well-placed to maintain its status as a luminary in customer service and industry innovation for years to come.