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Graham Capital Debuts Regis Tax and Accounting with Expert David Gearhart


Leo Gonzalez

April 5, 2024 - 11:55 am


Graham Capital Wealth Management Unveils Regis Tax and Accounting under David Gearhart's Leadership

TAMPA, Fla., April 5, 2024 — Graham Capital Wealth Management, LLC, a pioneer in independent investment advisory services, has expanded its financial horizons with the launch of Regis Tax and Accounting, LLC. The addition of this all-encompassing tax and accounting firm is geared towards fulfilling the diverse financial needs of both individual and corporate clientele. Helming this new venture as manager is the esteemed David Gearhart, J.D., CPA, whose vast industry experience makes him an invaluable asset to the executive suite.

"It is with great foresight and meticulous strategy that we embrace this expansion in response to the escalating need for seasoned tax professionals," proclaimed Stash Graham, managing director of Graham Capital. "David Gearhart brings a wealth of knowledge as a distinguished tax attorney and CPA. His broad-ranging expertise is a hefty advantage, enhancing the spectrum of financial solutions we proudly offer. Our clients are poised to reap significant benefits from the insights and proficiency David contributes to our company's roster."

Operating from the Tampa and Sarasota offices of Graham Capital, Mr. Gearhart is well-prepared to offer his profound know-how in tax law and analysis, assisting individuals with a myriad of services including tax preparation and estate planning. As for business owners, his proficiency in corporate law and finance will be channeled into providing vital services like bookkeeping, payroll management, auditing, and more.

David Gearhart expressed his enthusiasm for his new role, stating, "I am thrilled to join this team of eminently skilled financial professionals. I look forward to guiding our clients through the complexities of tax matters, aiming to secure their wealth and provide tranquility during the taxing season."

With an illustrious career spanning over three decades in the realms of accounting and tax law, Mr. Gearhart has been instrumental in several prestigious organizations which include Summit Wealth Management and Morgan Stanley. His capabilities reach well beyond the numbers on a spreadsheet; he is a seasoned attorney who has effectively represented clients before the IRS.

Clients keen on leveraging Mr. Gearhart's expertise can schedule an initial consultation or learn more about the services offered by visiting Regis Tax and Accounting.

A Tradition of Tailored Investment Strategies

Founded in 2016, Graham Capital Wealth Management, LLC has become synonymous with independent, sophisticated investment advisory. With offices nestled in the District of Columbia, Tampa, and Sarasota, Florida, the firm has carved a niche with high net-worth individuals, foundations, and pension plans. At the helm, Stash Graham, alongside vice president Michael Berkhahn, CFP®, dedicates the firm's prowess to generating personalized investment strategies. Graham Capital's approach champions active and institutional investing, enabling clients to sculpt portfolios that resonate with their personal ambitions, financial necessities, and appetite for risk.

For those eager to explore the tailor-made services offered by Graham Capital Wealth Management, further information can be obtained by visiting their official website at Graham Capital Wealth Management.

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As the announcement of this strategic expansion reverberates through financial circles, it becomes clear that Graham Capital is intent on fortifying its position as a one-stop-shop for wealth management. Through the introduction of Regis Tax and Accounting, and the enlistment of an industry authority like David Gearhart, Graham Capital is set to offer an unparalleled, integrated financial planning experience that is sure to attract new clients while cementing the loyalty of existing ones.

In harnessing Mr. Gearhart's impressive background in both the legal and financial spectrums, Graham Capital demonstrates its commitment to providing comprehensive advisory that addresses the full scope of its clients' needs. It's evident that their decision to grow beyond traditional investment counseling to include specialized tax services is a strategic move that acknowledges the interconnectedness of wealth management and fiscal responsibilities.

Commitment to Client Empowerment

With this leap forward, Graham Capital emphasizes its dedication to the empowerment of its clientele. The ethos driving the firm’s operations is clear—a belief in forging not only wealth but knowledge and confidence. Empowering clients means equipping them with the right tools and advice but also involves collating a team of multifaceted professionals like David Gearhart, whose dual proficiency as an accountant and attorney provides a robust support system for clients navigating the tax arena.

Unlocking Financial Synergy

The synergy between Graham Capital and Regis Tax and Accounting is poised for impactful results. By combining forces, these entities unlock a holistic approach to financial strategy which resonates with the evolving needs of the modern investor. The integration of tax planning into the wealth management process empowers clients to make more informed decisions, potentially leading to improved financial outcomes.

As fiscal landscapes continue to evolve, the collaboration between wealth management and tax professionals becomes crucial. Graham Capital's amalgamation with Regis Tax and Accounting embodies the forward-thinking perspective necessary to navigate these shifts. With professionals like David Gearhart at the fore, the company is well-equipped to steer its clients through the intricacies of financial planning and tax law, ensuring that the fiscal foundations laid today are built to last.

Pinnacle of Professional Excellence

David Gearhart is not merely a new addition to an established team; he represents the pinnacle of professional excellence in tax planning and legal representation. His three decades of work reflect a deep comprehension of the fiscal landscape. His experience ensures that even the most challenging tax situations are handled with strategic finesse, contributing to the tranquility and financial success of the clientele.

Conclusion: A New Chapter in Comprehensive Financial Care

As the saying goes, "April showers bring May flowers," and in this case, the financial spring brought forth by Graham Capital, blooming with the announcement of Regis Tax and Accounting, promises to cultivate wealth and serenity for their clients. David Gearhart's appointment marks a new chapter in comprehensive financial care, one in which the traditional bounds of wealth management are expanded to integrate the critical element of tax planning. From individuals seeking to manage their personal assets to businesses striving for financial efficacy, the services provided by Graham Capital, complemented by the expertise at Regis Tax and Accounting, offer the assurance of a holistic financial strategy crafted in the utmost professional excellence.

In a complex world where fiscal responsibility is paramount, Graham Capital has made a move that signifies not just growth but evolution. It's a testament to their understanding that to truly serve clients in a manner befitting the 21st century, it is essential to look beyond the balance sheet and into the intricate weave of tax laws and financial regulations. With experts like David Gearhart leading the charge, clients of Graham Capital can look forward to enjoying a tapestry of services where every thread is woven with skill, care, and precision.

This landmark expansion by Graham Capital Wealth Management, with the inherent foresight to enlist David Gearhart's exceptional expertise, promises to redefine the paradigms of wealth management and tax preparation. Clients can expect a collaborative approach where their financial goals are not just met but anticipated in meticulous detail, and where every financial decision is supported by comprehensive tax planning and insightful legal advice.

By blurring the lines between wealth management and tax advice, the groundbreaking alliance of Graham Capital and Regis Tax and Accounting is set to elevate the standards of financial advisory services. The integration of these disciplines, led by financial connoisseurs and adept legal minds, will undoubtedly sculpt a new archetype for financial success—one where empowerment, knowledge, and strategic guidance align to create remarkable financial legacies.

Those interested in learning more about this innovative partnership and the breadth of services offered are invited to follow the provided links to the respective websites. As the bonds between taxation and investment grow ever more interlinked, it is collaborations such as these that will illuminate the path forward for discerning investors and their families, paving the way for sustained financial well-being and success.

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Graham Capital Wealth Management takes pride in this pivotal announcement, anticipating a prosperous and integrated fiscal future for all its clients.

In closing, the ambition that Graham Capital Wealth Management holds toward advancing the financial well-being of its clients remains firm. With the addition of Regis Tax and Accounting and the expertise of David Gearhart, the firm reinforces its dedication to delivering a comprehensive suite of financial and tax planning services, setting a new benchmark in client-focused fiscal stewardship.