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GiG Acquires Casinomeister to Reinforce Fair Play in iGaming


Benjamin Hughes

June 3, 2024 - 06:30 am


Gaming Innovation Group Secures Strategic Edge in Online Casino Reviews with the Inclusion of Casinomeister

ST JULIANS, Malta - In a milestone achievement within the digital marketing and media realms of the online gaming industry, the esteemed Gaming Innovation Group Inc. (GiG) has announced its triumphant strategic establishment through the procurement of Casinomeister. The revered online casino advocacy and examination platform has been a vanguard in the promotion of openness and fair play within the gaming field for an impressive quarter-century. This move comes hot on the heels of the company's successful assimilation of AskGamblers and KaFe Rocks, and is indicative of GiG Media's steadfast journey towards enhancing industry transparency and bettering player experiences – laying a solid foundation of trust in the brand's underlying principles.

Fortifying a Legacy of Transparency

With an enduring legacy to uphold, Casinomeister will seamlessly integrate into the GiG Media portfolio, yet retain its distinctive voice that has garnered immense respect within the community. Through the fusion of the innovative energies of both entities, it is anticipated that they will witness expansive growth. This mirrors the evolution of AskGamblers post-acquisition, which marked a significant ascent in the field. Casinomeister's highly authoritative stature adds immense credence to GiG Media's diverse portfolio and signifies a strategic diversification for the Company's ever-expanding line of high-caliber web properties.

A Unified Vision for Fairness and Growth

At the helm of GiG's operations, CEO Jonas Warrer expressed his conviction regarding the acquisition, "Casinomeister's paramount dedication to advocating fair gameplay and robust community backup resonates with our philosophy, especially as it pertains to our acquisition of These unified platforms will not only broaden our market penetration but also refine our service delivery in complaint resolution for our valued community, reinforcing our dominance as a pioneer in player advocacy."

Enthusiasm for this change is shared by Bryan Baily, the founder of Casinomeister, who reflected on his journey of nurturing this venture for 26 years. Starting from its humble beginnings as a small-scale hobby website, it flourished into the powerful force it is today. In passing on the baton, he trusts GiG Media as the capable guardians to carry on the website's mission of promoting fair gaming practices. His longstanding relationship with GiG Media fortifies his confidence that they will uphold the core values and principles that are synonymous with Casinomeister, ensuring a smooth handover and a future filled with bright prospects for the entire online gaming community.

Fiscal Impact and Anticipated Benefits

The acquisition constitutes an asset purchase valued at a significant €3 million. GiG foresees the transaction to be finalized in June, with the anticipation of an immediate and positive implantation on the financial indicators, which is projected to elevate further post-complete integration with GiG Media's streamlined operational model.

Contact and Further Information

Jonas Warrer, CEO of GiG, is available for further inquiries and can be reached at [email protected] or via phone at +45 30788450.

About Gaming Innovation Group (GiG)

Founded in 2012, the pioneering Gaming Innovation Group maintains its status as the leader in providing state-of-the-art technology solutions, products, and services within the iGaming industry. Its mission revolves around driving sustainable growth and profitability for its partners, achieved via product novelty, scalable technologies, and superior service quality. With dual listings on both the Oslo Stock Exchange as GIG and on Nasdaq Stockholm as GIGSEK, the innovative entity operates from its Malta headquarters, striving incessantly towards its vision of being the apex industry platform, bookmaker, and media provider that propels its iGaming partners to all-new performance heights. Further details can be gleaned through the official site at

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Industry Implications and Future Trajectory

The acquisition of Casinomeister by GiG stands not only as a testament to the inexorable drive of Gaming Innovation Group towards grandeur in digital marketing and media in the gaming arena but also underscores the importance of ethical standards and player advocacy in the sector. Casinomeister has been the torch-bearer for player rights and the benchmark for all online casino review platforms, ensuring that stakeholders, both players, and developers adhere to the essence of fairness and transparency that define the industry's integrity.

As incorporated siblings within GiG's ambit, Casinomeister alongside AskGamblers will leverage their synergistic capacities to pioneer further advancements in fair gaming practices. This strategic union is expected to yield substantial benefits for GiG Media, further catapulting the media giant to unprecedented market prominence, fortified by a repertoire of platforms known for quality content and unwavering standards.

Ensuring Sustainable and Ethical Practices

The online gaming world often grapples with the challenges associated with authenticity and ethical operations. In this context, endeavors like the GiG-Casinomeister agreement serve as pillars of assurance for stakeholders in the industry, underlining the significance of accountability. It's these responsible initiatives that not only sculpt a trustworthy environment for players but also raise the bar for industry counterparts to emulate.

The transaction itself, exemplary in its swift and impactful financial upturn, provides a blueprint for how mergers and acquisitions in the digital realm can be executed with precision to deliver immediate and emergent benefits. GiG's strategy typifies how robust industry leadership is not merely about expansion but also about deepening the roots in core values that serve the greater goals of community welfare and satisfaction.

Dedication to Continuous Improvement

GiG's modus operandi, incorporating fetching assets like Casinomeister, represents a dual-fold objective of elevating their service spectrum to patrons while steadfastly enhancing the user experience. For adherents of online gaming, such endeavors by GiG assure them of venues where their voices are heard, and their concerns are not only acknowledged but actively addressed. This is recourse beyond mere entertainment, bordering on a passionate commitment to inclusivity and equity.

A New Chapter for Casinomeister

Bryan Baily's heartfelt departure from the business that he so diligently cultivated is met with an earnest promise by GiG to uplift and carry forward the torch of Casinomeister's mission. In recognizing and treasuring the dedication spent by Baily, GiG Media appears poised to ensure that the core tenets that made Casinomeister a stalwart name in the industry, persist and evolve under their watchful guardianship.

This acquisition by GiG Media is more than a mere augmentation of assets; it is a reflection of a mature industry that prioritizes quality, reliability, and fairness above all. The market, more than ever, demands transparency and a trusting relationship between platforms and users. With Casinomeister's legacy in capable hands, both industry insiders and the player community await with bated breath, the dawn of an era that heralds amplified assurance and enhancement of player rights in the digital gaming domain.


The consolidation of Casinomeister into the GiG Media family represents a pivotal juncture in the evolution of the iGaming landscape. With the convergence of Casinomeister’s longstanding reputation for fair play advocacy with GiG Media’s strategic prowess and technological reach, the industry is set to benefit from heightened trust and elevated service standards. This acquisition not only bolsters GiG’s portfolio but also reaffirms its commitment to ethical practices and transformative growth.

For the consumer, this means unwavering support and resources provided by an alliance of platforms that cater to the highest standards of gaming fairness. For GiG, it's an affirmation of their leadership status in pushing forward the boundaries of what constitutes excellence in digital entertainment and player protection.

As Gaming Innovation Group gears up to integrate Casinomeister into its operations, it does so with an eye towards the horizon – ever-mindful of the potential that such synergies unlock, ever-aware of the deep responsibility to continue steering the iGaming industry towards a future that remains exciting, fair, and profoundly attuned to the needs of its global audience.

Gaming Innovation Group has carved a path that others will seek to follow, and with the rich heritage of Casinomeister now part of its journey, the group positions itself not just at the heart of the gaming narrative but as an eminent architect of its progression. As the transaction draws to a close, the anticipation within the sector is palpable, with all eyes on GiG's next move as a harbinger of game-changing advancements that are yet to come.

As the era of this significant acquisition dawns, the industry watches on, assured that the values Casinomeister has championed for more than two decades will continue to resonate and find new strengths within GiG Media’s ambitious framework. The course is set for a future where transparency, fairness, and the steadfast resolve to innovate are the guiding lights that shine brightly across the depths of online gaming – truly, a wise fusion for a fortuitous and flourishing future.

To connect with the broader narrative and delve deeper into the nuances of this transaction, GiG Media has facilitated comprehensive information that can be accessed via their contact channels and reads widely across the online press. The coming months will be indicative of the transformative influence that such alliances can impart on the landscapes they inhabit, serving as a beacon of hope and a testament to the enduring spirit of fair play within the global gaming community.

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