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eWTP Arabia Capital's Innovative Tech Fund Achieves Top Ranking in Venture Capital


Leo Gonzalez

May 19, 2024 - 10:16 am


eWTP Arabia Capital's Tech Fund Sets the Stage for VC Investment Success

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – On the 19th of May, 2024, eWTP Arabia Capital Technology Fund I (Techology Fund I), administrated by eWTP Arabia Capital (eWTPA), a distinguished private equity enterprise in the Middle East, garnered high praise in the Preqin League Tables. Positioned as the fifth highest-ranking venture capital (VC) fund in the category for funds between US$250 Million to US$499 Million, the accolades were based on exceptional net Internal Rate of Return (IRR) figures, encompassing vintages from 2015 to 2020.

"We're elated with our Technology Fund I's acclaim as a premier VC fund within our industry," proclaimed Jessica Wong, the founder and managing partner of eWTPA. "This notable achievement is a testament to our team's dedication and the strength of our investment approach. It also highlights the considerable untapped potential within the Middle East and North Africa region, and, in particular, Saudi Arabia, which deserves the spotlight. Our efforts as a key facilitator of regional tech growth are unwavering in our aim to embolden entrepreneurial spirits and generate investor returns."

Jerry Li, the founder and managing partner of eWTPA, shared his thoughts, "Receiving recognition from Preqin is not only a validation of the relentless effort and passion we invest into bolstering the Saudi digital framework but also a statement of our firm's capacity for positive transformative influence within Saudi, the GCC, and the wider ecosystem of global emerging markets." The firm persists in fostering innovation and catalyzing beneficial change across the regions it serves.

The recognition of eWTPA's achievements is emblematic of the firm’s eminence and influence within the industry. It reflects the unwavering commitment by eWTPA to identify lucrative market opportunities and to generate sustainable returns for its investors.

Preqin's League Tables are renowned for being a definitive and respected system for measuring the performance of private equity and venture capital ventures. As a prominent provider of alternative asset data, Preqin constructs these leagues using a wide array of metrics, such as net IRR and other vital performance indicators.

The triumphs of eWTPA are mirrored in the strategic manner they adopt for investing in high-growth sectors within the MENA region. Their portfolio is an eclectic mix of companies on the cusp of affecting significant industry advancements.

As a conduit between Asia and the Middle East, eWTPA's Technology Fund I has witnessed considerable success since its foundation in 2019. Having injected funds into more than 18 companies, several of these ventures have made noteworthy strides in establishing themselves in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), including illustrious names like J&T Express, Raha, Sahm, and COFE.

Regarding details about eWTPA, the firm was inaugurated in 2019, with a strategic base of operations in both Saudi Arabia and China. Supported by an impressive roster of investors, including Sovereign Wealth Funds, institutional investors, and family offices, eWTPA is on a course to forge formidable local digital ecosystems within the MENA region. It achieves this by collaborating with leading international businesses and facilitating these entities to cement a robust and enduring presence in the area. As of now, eWTPA can proudly lay claim to investments in over 18 companies, with 13 already flourishing in the KSA.

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eWTP Arabia Capital’s Technology Fund I Recognized as Top-Performing VC Fund in the Preqin League Tables Photo caption: eWTP Arabia Capital’s Technology Fund I Recognized as Top-Performing VC Fund in the Preqin League Tables

eWTPA's distinction within the Preqin League Tables marks a growth trajectory that not only demonstrates mastery in the venture capital realm but also exemplifies a forward-thinking posture that anticipates emerging market tides. As eWTPA propels further, it endeavors to advance the economic landscape through meaningful participation and lure global interest to the prodigious capacities of the MENA region.

Furthermore, eWTPA's accomplishments resonate deeply within the investment community as a beacon of successful VC activity. Their ability to discern and invest in potentially transformative start-ups and enterprises speaks volumes about their foresight and their role as arbiters of innovation and economic progression.

As businesses across the globe strive to oversee and predict the flux of technology trends, eWTPA's Technology Fund I situates itself as a visionary fund that not only keeps pace with the rapid escalation of digital evolution but also serves as an impetus for its acceleration.

Venture capital funds, like eWTPA’s fruitful Technology Fund I, are critical engines that propel forward-thinking ventures to their zenith. Their acumen in selecting and nurturing companies is pivotal to the rapid development of nations like Saudi Arabia and the broader MENA region. As such, they not only drive economic activity but also spark the inception of industry-wide transformations—a remarkable achievement for purpose-driven investment firms.

By shepherding an array of startup innovations to success, eWTPA proves to be an instrumental stakeholder in the proliferation of a sustainable digital infrastructure within Saudi Arabia. This foresight aligns with the Saudi Vision 2030, which puts a high premium on diversifying the Kingdom's economy and catalyzing its development into a digital hub, ideally situated at the crossroads of important international trade routes.

In closing, eWTPA has become synonymous with success and excellence in the world of venture capital investment. This latest accolade from Preqin not only encapsulates the past achievements of Technology Fund I but also ignites a sense of anticipation for the fund's future endeavors and its ongoing impact within the venture capital sector. With keen awareness of market dynamics and the steadfast commitment to fostering innovation, eWTPA and its Technology Fund I continue to redefine the benchmarks of venture capital success.

The Preqin League Tables' endorsement heralds a new chapter for eWTPA, instilling confidence in its strategy and acknowledgment of its prowess within an increasingly competitive market. It further cements eWTPA's positioned role as a visionary, not just among peers in the Middle East, but as a formidable player on the global venture capital stage.

To explore the details of eWTPA's performance and to view the celebrated Technology Fund I, please visit the following link: eWTP Arabia Capital’s Tech Fund Achievement.