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Election Year Alert: Preserving Social Security and Medicare Amidst Approaching Insolvency


Leo Gonzalez

May 7, 2024 - 01:39 am


Urgent Action Required: Social Security and Medicare on the Brink of Insolvency

WASHINGTON, May 6, 2024 – The annual Social Security and Medicare Trustees' Reports have just been released, sparking a call to action from The Concord Coalition. In light of the findings that both Social Security and Medicare are inching closer to insolvency, the Coalition is urging for presidential and congressional debates focused on these critical issues during the 2024 election cycle.

"Debates provide a crucial platform for voters to hear candidates' plans on tackling key challenges facing our nation. Social Security and Medicare should be at the forefront of these discussions as they directly impact the livelihood of millions of Americans," stated Bob Bixby, Executive Director of The Concord Coalition. "The longevity of these programs is intertwined with the federal budget, tax levels, and overall economic growth."

Dire Predictions from Trustees

The Trustees reports issue a stark warning: unless significant actions are taken, the financial health of these vital programs will swiftly decline. Both are currently experiencing yearly cash deficits, amplifying strain on federal finances.

Social Security trust funds (OASDI) could be insolvent by 2035, which would necessitate an immediate benefit reduction of 17% if no measures are taken. Medicare Part A faces a similar fate by 2036, with potential cuts of 11% to provider payments, potentially impacting healthcare service availability.

Stabilizing Social Security: Tough Choices Ahead

The gravity of Social Security's predicament is evident in the Trustees' estimates. To avoid insolvency over the next 75 years, one of three daunting choices must be made: a sharp payroll tax hike of 3.33 percentage points, an abrupt 20.8% slash in benefits for all recipients, or a blend of both strategies.

Delaying reforms only compounds the required adjustments, placing a heavier burden on future generations. “The longer we wait, the more severe and abrupt the changes will need to be to ensure solvency. This looming challenge demands immediate and responsible action," accentuated Bixby.

Fiscal Realities: Costs Outpacing Revenues

It is critical to recognize that Social Security and Medicare do not self-fund. They depend on external financial support as their expenses exceed dedicated revenue sources. Beyond this, general federal revenues subsidize Medicare Part B, responsible for various medical services, and Medicare Part D, which assists in prescription drug costs. These programs are designed so that premiums paid by older Americans cover merely a quarter of the total expense.

According to the Trustees, Social Security and Medicare demanded a combined budget draw of $534 billion in 2023, with Social Security accounting for $88 billion and Medicare shouldering $446 billion.

The Catalyst for Candidate Debates

"The future solvency of Social Security and Medicare is a pivotal issue that should matter to anyone running for federal office in 2024. Now is the time to probe their stances, ensuring they do not align with a 'Do Nothing Plan'," emphasized Bixby. Voters deserve clarity on candidates' grasp of the challenges and their proposed solutions before casting their ballots.

The Concord Coalition's Stance for Fiscal Responsibility

The Concord Coalition is steadfast in its mission for fiscal sustainability. Founded in 1992, this nonpartisan grassroots network has been influential in educating the public about federal deficits and debt, and advocating for sustainable budget solutions.

For comprehensive fiscal insights and analysis, The Concord Coalition invites the public to explore their website, and to join the conversation on Facebook @ConcordCoalition and on Twitter @ConcordC.

In summarizing the pressing need for debate and action, The Concord Coalition underlines the vital role these programs serve in the American safety net. As millions of citizens depend on these funds for their retirement and healthcare, the urgency to address these challenges cannot be overstated. The Coalition urges policymakers, stakeholders, and the public to engage in a dialogue leading to substantive solutions before the insolvency issues become irreparable crises.

As we enter the election year of 2024, voters and candidates cannot afford to overlook these looming fiscal dangers. Forums such as dedicated debates provide the ideal avenue for detailed discussions on the trajectory of Social Security and Medicare. It's imperative that candidates present their intended policies to safeguard the future of these fundamental programs.

Understanding the Complexity of the Problem

The complexities surrounding the insolvency issue of Social Security and Medicare require a comprehensive understanding of America's demographics, economic trends, and fiscal policies. Challenges such as an aging population, healthcare inflation, and wage disparities contribute to the imminent financial strain on these programs. Policy makers must consider these factors while formulating viable solutions that address both immediate and long-term needs.

Seeking Equitable Solutions

As advocates for fiscal responsibility, The Concord Coalition calls for equitable solutions that weigh the interests of current beneficiaries against the prospects for future generations. Resolving the cash deficit issue in a manner that fairly distributes the financial burden across the population is essential for maintaining the integrity of Social Security and Medicare.

The Economic Ripple Effect

The fiscal health of Social Security and Medicare has profound implications on the wider economy. Without sustainable reform, the potential cuts to benefits or services would not only harm recipients directly but could also lead to reduced consumer spending, affecting businesses and the economy at large. Furthermore, escalating federal expenditures on these programs put pressure on other government services, possibly leading to cuts or increased borrowing which can affect the national debt.

The Role of Political Leadership

With the trustees' report in hand, the onus now lies with political leaders to demonstrate their commitment to securing the nation's financial future. It is imperative that those seeking office in 2024 put forth actionable plans, rather than mere rhetoric, to show they are prepared to tackle the multifaceted issue of Social Security and Medicare insolvency head-on.

Broadening Public Awareness

The Concord Coalition continues its mission to broaden public awareness around these critical issues. Through outreach initiatives and educational resources, the Coalition seeks to empower citizens with the knowledge needed to hold their elected officials accountable for the fiscal health of the nation's esteemed social programs.

Looking Ahead: The Call for Fiscal Prudence

As the 2024 elections draw near, The Concord Coalition emphasizes the importance of fiscal prudence in the stewardship of Social Security and Medicare. The American public must demand transparency and commitment from their candidates, ensuring that their choices at the polls reflect the urgency of the fiscal challenges that lie ahead.

Informing Through Debates and Discourse

The Coalition advocates that debates and public discourse should be instrumental in informing voters on candidates' positions regarding Social Security and Medicare. Such interactions provide an opportunity for candidates to articulate their plans and for voters to critically evaluate their practicality and feas


It is within this crucible of public scrutiny that the fiscal futures of Social Security and Medicare will be shaped. It behooves every potential leader and legislator to participate in this dialogue, offering their vision and strategies to ensure these programs' longevity and reliability.

Conclusion: Proactive Measures Required

The Concord Coalition's clarion call for debates is a plea for proactive measures. It signifies a broader societal concern about ensuring that Social Security and Medicare thrive not only for today's retirees but for generations to come. The 2024 elections provide an opportune moment to solidify plans for securing these programs against the backdrop of fiscal uncertainty.

As the Trustees' Reports echo through the halls of power, it is the collective responsibility of American citizens and their representatives to heed the warnings and take definitive steps towards remedying the financial instability threatening Social Security and Medicare. The decisions made in the immediate future will have lasting impacts for decades to follow.

The call for action is clear, the necessity for debate is undeniable, and the time for meaningful policy implementation is now. The public must stand vigilant in these times, demanding that their voices be heard and their concerns be addressed, to ensure a stable and secure future for all citizens who rely on these fundamental social institutions.

For additional information regarding these pressing national issues, visit The Concord Coalition's website at for comprehensive analysis and recommendations. Join the Coalition in their advocacy by following on social media platforms and contributing to the fiscal dialogue that will shape America's future.

In closing, as the data presented in the annual Trustees' Reports send ripples across the nation, it is more important than ever to foster an environment of constructive bipartisan debate. The Concord Coalition’s pivotal role in raising awareness and advocating for action embodies the spirit of responsible governance. As the clock ticks towards the projected dates of insolvency, each passing day is a valuable chance to secure avert a potential crisis that would alter the lives of countless Americans.

We stand at a crossroads, with the sustainability of Social Security and Medicare hanging in the balance. Through informed debate and sound policy, it is within our capacity to steer these programs away from the brink and toward a secure and stable future. The stakes couldn't be higher, the need for action more apparent, and the collective resolve of the American people more critical to initiating the essential changes required. The 2024 elections are not just a political contest but a referendum on the fiscal and social well-being of our nation.

The Concord Coalition implores the public and its leaders to rise to the occasion. Let us move forward with determination and the courage to make the difficult choices that lie ahead. The future of Social Security and Medicare—and by extension, that of millions of Americans—is relying on our collective actions today.