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duke energy to slash electric bills in florida amplifying consumer savings 27


Duke Energy to Slash Electric Bills in Florida, Amplifying Consumer Savings


Benjamin Hughes

May 7, 2024 - 14:27 pm


Duke Energy Announces Bill Reductions for Florida Customers in 2024

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., May 7, 2024 – Duke Energy Florida customers are poised to enjoy a welcome decrease in their electric bills starting June 2024. This move comes as a result of the Florida Public Service Commission approving Duke Energy's proposal to diminish fuel charges on customer bills.

The soon-to-be-implemented rates are set to benefit a typical residential customer, who can expect to see their bill lowered by almost $6 per month. This rate reduction comes on the heels of another significant reduction that already came into effect earlier in January 2024, where customers saw their monthly bills slashed by approximately $11.29, amounting to around a 6% decrease.

As a consequence, an average residential customer with a 1,000-kWh monthly bill will see a reduction of $5.90, or close to 4%, with these forthcoming rates. These adjustments are in tune with Duke Energy's commitment to providing cost-effective electric services to its customers.

Household consumers are not the only beneficiaries of these rate revisions. Duke Energy has announced that commercial and industrial customers will also experience a reduction in their electricity bills, with expected decreases between 3.5% to 7.0%. The extent of the decrease will vary depending on numerous factors, including the type of industry they operate in and their specific patterns of energy consumption.

Melissa Seixas, Duke Energy Florida's state president, expressed that the approval of these new rates is excellent news for customers throughout Florida, particularly with the approach of the state's warmer months when energy usage typically climbs. "Duke Energy continues to search for opportunities to afford savings to our customers, simultaneously ensuring the reliable and increasingly cleaner energy expected by our communities," Seixas added.

In line with their customer-centric approach, Duke Energy also presents an array of user-friendly energy efficiency programs and tools aimed at empowering consumers to have greater control over their energy consumption and, consequently, their utility bills. These include features such as usage alerts, which notify customers of their energy usage, and customizable billing dates, which allow customers to select the most convenient due date for their financial planning.

For customers eager to learn more about the energy efficiency programs and better manage their seasonal bills, more information is readily accessible. They can visit Duke Energy's Seasonal Bills page or directly reach out to the customer care team using the contact information available on their energy bills.

Duke Energy Florida, a subsidiary of the larger Duke Energy corporation, boasts a significant presence in the electric capacity sector, with the management of 12,300 megawatts. This impressive figure allows it to supply electricity to an extensive customer base, which includes 2 million residential, commercial, and industrial entities spread across a service area spanning 13,000 square miles in Florida.

As for the parent company, Duke Energy (NYSE: DUK), headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, it stands as one of the most prominent energy holding companies in the United States. Inclusion in the Fortune 150 list underscores its prestige and vast operational scale. Duke Energy's electric utilities provide services to 8.4 million customers distributed across six states which include North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.

Together, these utilities possess a combined energy capacity of 54,800 megawatts. Furthermore, the company's reach extends to its natural gas utilities, which serve 1.7 million customers across five states, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, and Kentucky.

The company is not solely focused on delivering energy but is also deeply invested in pioneering the clean energy transition. As a responsible corporate entity, Duke Energy is committed to balancing the interconnected goals of reliability, affordability, and accessibility. The company has set forth ambitious targets such as achieving net-zero methane emissions from its natural gas business by 2030, with a broader objective of reaching net-zero carbon emissions from its electricity production by the year 2050.

These goals are not just aspirational; Duke Energy is actively investing in significant infrastructure enhancements, including the modernization of the electric grid. Moreover, the company is expanding its clean energy portfolio through increased focus on energy storage, renewables such as solar and wind, and the continued use of natural gas and nuclear power. These steps are essential as Duke Energy aims to align its operations with a more sustainable and environmentally conscious business model.

To disseminate information and maintain an open line of communication with the public, Duke Energy utilizes various digital platforms. The company's continuous updates and stories are shared through their Duke Energy News Center. Moreover, customers and stakeholders can follow the company’s progress on social media services, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. For an insider look into the people and technologies driving the energy sector forward, Duke Energy's illumination story platform offers a unique glimpse into the innovations powering our future.

Audrey Stasko, a spokesperson for Duke Energy, affirms the company's commitment to providing updates and responding to media inquiries. For further information or queries, media representatives can contact the media line directly at 800.559.3853. Duke Energy continues to position itself not only as a key player in the energy market but also as a responsible advocate for the transition to a more sustainable energy future.

In conclusion, Duke Energy's announcement of rate reductions for the residents and businesses of Florida has been met with an overall positive reception. These reductions contribute to easing the financial burden on consumers while promoting a more energy-conscious community through efficiency programs and tools. Furthermore, the efforts of Duke Energy to transition towards cleaner energy sources while maintaining a focus on customer affordability and energy accessibility represent a significant progression in the energy sector.

The aforementioned decreases in energy bills, combined with the ongoing initiatives for sustainability, reflect Duke Energy's dedicated approach to addressing customer needs and environmental considerations. The company's actions are directly aligned with a broader trend, as the energy industry at large takes strides towards a greener and more efficient future.

Certainly, as Duke Energy Florida's customers in the Sunshine State gear up for the warm season ahead, they can look forward to not only cooler homes but cooler bills as well. Duke Energy proves to be vigilant in its pursuit of energy excellence and environmental stewardship, assuring a brighter future for its customers and the planet.

Visit Duke Energy for more information on the company's services, initiatives, and progress towards a sustainable future.

Audrey Stasko is available for media inquiries and can be reached at the media line provided: 800.559.3853.

This news serves as a shining example of how utility companies can infuse customer-centric practices with visionary environmental strategies that collectively contribute to a more affordable and sustainable world.

For detailed billing information, energy-saving tips, and customer service inquiries, customers should visit Duke Energy's Seasonal Bills webpage or contact Duke Energy Customer Service.

The commitment showcased by Duke Energy to its Florida customers and the broader objectives of environmental sustainability set a standard that others in the industry are encouraged to follow. It's clear that as Duke Energy moves forward with its plans, the community it serves stands to benefit significantly from both an economical and ecological perspective.

Media Contact: Audrey Stasko Media line: 800.559.3853

SOURCE: Duke Energy

With this latest development, Duke Energy continues to pave the way for an innovative, consumer-friendly, and eco-conscious approach in the realm of energy delivery and consumption. As the energy landscape evolves, Duke Energy will undoubtedly remain at the forefront, leading the charge towards a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

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