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Cutting-Edge LensCrafters Store Now Open in Cicero, Revolutionizing Eyewear Retail


Lauren Miller

May 10, 2024 - 17:52 pm


LensCrafters Unveils State-of-the-Art Optical Store in Heart of Cicero

NEW YORK, May 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Renowned optical retailer LensCrafters, a key player under the EssilorLuxottica umbrella and an esteemed figure in the North American optical sector, is excited to reveal their latest store opening in Cicero, New York on May 10th. The brand is making a return to the Syracuse community after the previous Great Northern Mall location shut its doors in December 2022. The new store's address is 38003 Route 11, reinforcing LensCrafters' status as the leader in optical retail and a trusted provider in the region.

The grand store unveiling is a testament to LensCrafters' unwavering commitment to the broader upstate New York community. Alfonso Cerullo, the President of LensCrafters, expressed his enthusiasm, "The opening of our newest location in Cicero is a reflection of our dedication to North America's communities. We're eager to offer our customers in Cicero a more convenient access point to our robust array of ocular products and services."

LensCrafters is reputed for its holistic approach to eye health, exemplified by the incorporation of the latest in eye care technology. The brand's digital eye exam is particularly revolutionary, involving advanced equipment to precisely chart the unique characteristics of the individual's eye for remarkably accurate assessments. According to Cerullo, "Eye health is a vital aspect of day-to-day life, and as such, eyewear is not just functional but also a key component of personal style and expression. At LensCrafters, we are devoted to providing high-quality care and service in the communities we serve, ensuring customers and patients benefit from a comprehensive eyecare and eyewear experience."

The new Cicero store showcases a vast distribution of designer eyewear brands and styles, including iconic labels such as Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Persol, Versace, Prada, among others. The store creates an elite shopping journey using diverse state-of-the-art tools, enhancing the customer's capability to address their optical needs effectively. Additionally, shoppers can personalize Ray-Ban and Oakley frames, and with the Virtual Mirror technology available via the store's Smart Shopper interactive tool, customers can virtually try on any frame.

This Cicero store isn't just about sales; it's designed to be an immersive experience for the customer. It features high-resolution digital screens and LED walls that vividly display eyewear collections and marketing campaigns. Furthermore, the store contains interactive applications on iPads and touchscreens that demonstrate prescription lens options, allowing customers to visualize the benefits and features of different prescription lenses.

About LensCrafters:

In the realm of optical retail, LensCrafters leads the charge in North America. Since its inception in 1983, the company has seen a consistent expansion, currently operating over 1,000 stores across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. With a profound mission to assist individuals in achieving their best vision, LensCrafters is passionate about vision care. It boasts a meticulously curated selection of eyewear trends from leading designer brands, combined with unrivalled personalized services from Doctors of Optometry stationed at or adjacent to the stores.

LensCrafters made its pioneering debut within a Macy's store in April 2016, extending its reach and demonstrating its adaptability within the retail space. There are five flagship stores that bear the LensCrafters name: located in the bustling cities of New York City, San Francisco, Palo Alto, and also in Toronto, Canada, which celebrated its opening in July 2023 and was LensCrafters' first foray into Canadian territory. The brand's in-store doctors and dedicated associates have a long history of making a substantial positive impact by collaborating with the OneSight EssilorLuxottica Foundation. This partnership aims to bring quality vision care and eyeglasses to underprivileged communities around the world. LensCrafters isn't just participating in these efforts; it's a leader, being the number one contributor to OneSight in North America. For more insight into LensCrafters and their offerings, visitors can navigate to the official website at

Media Inquiries:

For those in the press or media seeking additional information or wanting to arrange an interview, LensCrafters' media relations is handled by Alexa Anello. All inquiries can be directed via email to [email protected], ensuring effective communication and prompt responses.

Closing Notes

With this strategic opening in upstate New York, LensCrafters reaffirms its promise of dedication to offering unparalleled services and products in eye care. This new storefront in Cicero not only broadens the reach of the brand but also brings advanced eye care technologies and stylish eyewear collections closer to the customers, enhancing the shopping and eye care experience. As the optical retail landscape continues to evolve, LensCrafters sets a high standard with its commitment to innovation, customer service, and community support.

(SOURCE LensCrafters)

The Syracuse community welcomes the return of LensCrafters, anticipating that the latest store opening on May 10th will mark a new chapter for both the brand and the local customers alike. As LensCrafters continues to stretch its influence across North America, the foundation of its ethos—providing exemplary eye health services and fashionable eye wear—remains steadfast. The community of Cicero can look forward to benefiting from the convenience, technology, and expertise that LensCrafters promises to deliver at their new Route 11 location.

The impact LensCrafters wishes to leave on the Cicero community extends beyond just mere business transactions. It seeks to be a beacon of eye health awareness, where education and disease prevention go hand in hand with the provision of stylish eyewear. The ongoing commitment of the brand, coupled with its significant support for charitable initiatives like the OneSight EssilorLuxottica Foundation, cements its role as a corporate citizen dedicated to giving back.

The recalibration of the brand’s objectives through the opening of this new store doesn’t simply reflect a business strategy, but rather a deeper investment in the welfare and vision health of its patrons. The company's expansion into Cicero is proof of LensCrafters' responsiveness to the needs of its customer base and its drive to make a positive, lasting impression on the community it serves.

In an industry that's constantly facing new advancements and shifts in consumer trends, LensCrafters' value proposition remains unique; a symbiosis of cutting-edge technology and customer-first service. The new Cicero store is a physical embodiment of this philosophy, set to serve as a model of optical retail excellence to communities far and wide.

In conclusion, the world of optical retail is rapidly advancing, with customer expectations at an all-time high. This new LensCrafters store in Cicero, NY, is more than just a location—it represents an evolution in eye care. It's where the keen focus on innovative health solutions, customer comfort, and trendsetting eyewear designs converge to redefine the optical service experience. With the store's opening, the promise of brighter vision and style is now a reality for the Syracuse community, underscoring LensCrafters' legacy as a pioneer in the optical industry.