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boardwalktech nets 4m growth fueling loc from celtic bank 27


Boardwalktech Nets $4M Growth-Fueling LOC from Celtic Bank


Leo Gonzalez

April 1, 2024 - 11:05 am


Boardwalktech Secures $4 Million Line-of-Credit with Celtic Bank to Bolster Expansion Efforts

CUPERTINO, Calif., April 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ - It's a significant stride forward for Boardwalktech Software Corp (TSXV: BWLK) (OTCQB: BWLKF), a digital ledger platform leader and enterprise software solution provider. They have triumphantly obtained a substantial financial boost by securing a three-year $US4.0 million Line-of-Credit (LOC) facility from Celtic Bank as of March 28, 2024. Aimed explicitly at nurturing the company's growth and expanding its recurring revenue streams, this strategic financial support is poised to accelerate Boardwalktech’s market presence.

The Line-of-Credit comes with several advantageous terms tailored to sustain the company's scaling efforts:

  • A total facility amount of $US4.0 million, capped at 60% of the trailing 12-month annual recurring revenue (ARR).
  • An initial three-year term with an interest-only payment structure, with the option for both parties to extend the LOC.
  • An initial interest rate of 12.5%, which is determined by adding 4% to the Prime Rate, as listed in the Wall Street Journal.
  • Crucially, the financial arrangement is non-dilutive, devoid of any warrants, conversions, or Loan Bonuses.

CEO Andrew T. Duncan expressed confidence in their decision to embrace Celtic Bank’s offer, highlighting the adaptable and non-reliant nature of this LOC facility on the often unpredictable market conditions or equity sources, "After evaluating various proposals in a tough financing landscape, we are exceedingly satisfied with our partnership with Celtic Bank. This LOC grants us the capacity and flexibility to manage working capital and foster growth. Our trajectory towards reaching a cash-based breakeven point is ongoing, and securing this credit facility ensures our potential for growth remains robust."

Boardwalktech envisions utilizing the proceeds from the LOC to drive sales and enhance marketing, support their working capital requirements, and to fortify their balance sheet. This bolstered financial standing is key in attracting new business, “The customer demand for our leading products such as Unity Central, Velocity, and Digital Ledger necessitates accessible Sales and Marketing resources to tap into those recurring revenue opportunities. Meanwhile, having adequate cash reserves simplifies due diligence processes during these business engagements. We are poised for announcements that will showcase our advancements," Duncan elaborated on the plan in place.

About Celtic Bank

Deep-rooted in the financial services landscape since 2001 and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Celtic Bank has built its reputation as a comprehensive industrial bank. Initially, its core operation focused on small business lending through the SBA loan program, where it has consistently ranked as a top 10 SBA lender nationally measured by dollar volume. Beyond its early specialization, Celtic Bank has diversified its financial offerings through various fintech partnerships, thereby expanding its asset management across sectors like renewable energy, equipment finance, asset-based lending, software and technology, as well as franchising. This diverse portfolio has poised the bank to support an extensive variety of commercial clients across various industries and developmental stages. As an Equal Housing Lender and Member FDIC, Celtic Bank demonstrates a commitment to meet the needs of its clientele comprehensively. Those interested in learning more about Celtic Bank and its recurring revenue financing solutions can reach out to Daniel Godfrey at [email protected], or visit their website for further details at

About Boardwalktech Software Corp.

Boardwalktech stands out with its proprietary Digital Ledger Technology Platform, a system currently employed by numerous Fortune 500 giants for critical operational tasks across the globe. By enabling collaborative, enterprise-scale information management applications on various devices and user interfaces with seamless integration into longstanding enterprise systems, Boardwalktech's platform remarkably shortens the development time in comparison to its industry counterparts. Moreover, the company's digital ledger technology is first of its kind, facilitating multiple stakeholders to engage with the same data concurrently while maintaining the data's integrity and lineage. With its central office located in Cupertino, California, and ensuing offices in India along with operations dispersed throughout North America, the company presents a comprehensive range of expertise. For more insights into Boardwalktech and its services, please visit

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