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Blingle! Illuminates Greater Naples with Dazzling Fifth Franchise Location


Lauren Miller

April 9, 2024 - 13:51 pm


Blingle! Ignites Brilliance in Florida with Fifth Franchise Outpost in Naples

NAPLES, Fla., April 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Blingle!, a frontrunner in the outdoor lighting franchise sector, has proudly announced the inauguration of its much-anticipated new branch in Naples, Florida. The establishment boasts the title of being the fifth of its kind in the sun-kissed state of Florida. Captained by entrepreneurial spirit Cheryl Alker, the new location under the Greater Naples team has welcomed the winter season by experiencing a crescendo of demand for its services.

Cheryl Alker, a UK native and entrepreneur since her 21st birthday, brings a lifetime's wealth of expertise from the health and wellness domain, having been front and center working with consumers and leading a cadre of professionals in wellness industries. Her career, which translated seamlessly across the pond when she relocated to the US with her family two decades ago, has now taken a delightful turn towards the world of lighting design and home embellishment.

Time away from the corporate whirl saw Alker investing her energy into altruistic pursuits, aiding a dog rescue charity. However, the notion of retirement is far from welcoming for her. Instead, she has embraced the calling for new endeavors. Poised to apply her extensive experience in business management and an intrinsic passion for design and home improvements, Alker has ventured into a new saga of her professional journey.

Alker noticed a recurring theme in the service sector - the lack of meticulous attention to detail. Propelled by her customer-centric philosophy, she is poised to infuse her commitment to exceptional service into the local market. Her principles are simple yet profound: transparent communication, punctual service, efficient project completion, and, crucially, exceeding customer expectations every single time.

"While exploring opportunities, I stumbled upon Blingle! It was clear to me that it represents a brand with which I could deeply connect," Alker expressed. "The lighting sector is inherently optimistic. Whether it's holiday lighting, landscaping, or the incredible world of permanent fixtures, it transcends mere need and aspires to fulfill a desire. These are the joyful purchases that add gleam to our clients' lives. I am eager to sprinkle my flair for detail and design across Greater Naples and play a part in illuminating the community."

Cheryl's escapades, from the UK to the US shores, exemplify her dedication and resilience in embarking on new ventures. She is determined, alongside her adept team, to infuse Blingle! with the same spirited energy as her past achievements and truly make a mark. Concentrating her efforts on the Greater Naples area, her services will illuminate from Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel Island to Marco Island's southern edge.

Josh Skolnick, Founder of HorsePower Brands and overseer of Blingle!, shares the enthusiasm, "Cheryl's addition to the Blingle! community marks a significant milestone. It's an exceptional opportunity to extend our premium product lines and services to the Greater Naples population."

For those interested in discovering more about Blingle's offerings, the company invites visits to their website at Moreover, for individuals considering franchise prospects, detailed information is available at

About Blingle!

Embracing its roots from Omaha, Neb., established in 2014, Blingle! is a division of HorsePower Brands and is distinguished for its all-season premium outdoor lighting solutions. With a spectrum of services that encompass landscaping illumination, permanent setups, holiday cheer, refined patio aesthetics, event lighting, and large-scale commercial brightness, Blingle! is the go-to name for transformative lighting experiences. Their installations are not only breathtaking but also bear the seal of approval from eco-conscious organizations such as Ida Dark Sky. The Better Business Bureau and The Institute of Wedding and Event Design recognize Blingle! for its excellence. HomeAdvisor has also acknowledged the lighting expert's unparalleled services with Elite Service and Screened and Approved honors. Visit to spark a brighter insight into Blingle!'s world.

At a time when vibrant lights can piece through the dusk of ordinary places, turning them into captivating scenes, the expansion of Blingle! in the heart of Florida heralds a new era for residents to taste splendor in illumination. The Greater Naples community now stands at the cusp of a luminous revolution powered by a leader who embraces the service ethos with every fiber of her being, promising not just light, but a glow that reflects the dreams and desires of its clientele.

SOURCE HorsePower Brands

Diligently working towards the future, Cheryl Alker alongside Blingle!'s already well-cemented reputation sees no bounds of potential in the market of Naples. Every flick of the switch, each shine that casts away shadows, intends to speak volumes of a company that doesn't just provide a service but crafts experiences that resonate long after the lights dim. It is a testament to Blingle!'s dedication to excellence and an example of how brands can profoundly affect local communities by aligning with service-minded entrepreneurs like Alker.

In closing, the Blingle! venture in Naples is not merely about doing business; it's about elevating lifestyles and enlightening nights with radiance that reflects high professional standards and personal attentiveness – a beacon that guides the company as it spreads its bright wings across Florida.

With the advent of the Naples location for Blingle!, the region is set for an aesthetic enhancement that promises to bring a sparkle to the lives of its inhabitants. Alker's voyage into this new field bears the promise of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction - pillars that will uphold Blingle!'s legacy as they continue to shine bright in the Floridian skies.

As Cheryl Alker's story of transition from health and wellness magnate to the luminary of bespoke lighting solutions unfolds, it becomes a beacon for all aspiring entrepreneurs that with the right blend of passion, experience, and the support of a brand like Blingle!, the possibilities to illuminate the market and ones' ambition are endless.

Naples, already a paradise for many, finds in Blingle! a new jewel, a shimmer that promises to not only brighten spaces but also hearts. With this steadfast progress, the community watches in awe as day turns to dusk, knowing full well that the night will come alive in all its radiant glory through the meticulous craft of Blingle!'s newest endeavor.

The bright future is now here, and it's abundantly luminous. Blingle! lights up our world one bulb, one strand, one gleaming design at a time. And at the heart of it all lies a formidable testament to human connection—a shared belief that light is more than just a utility, it is a bringer of joy, a harvester of beauty, and a creator of ambiance.

Alker's embarking on this luminous path with Blingle! is not just a venture; it's a beacon that signals to every corner of the Greater Naples' nightscape that there is a new era of light, one that promises to chase away every shadow with elegance and precision.

Fitted with the vision to transform and the ethos to serve, Blingle! enkindles every home and heart it touches. As the newest location unfurls its radiant wings in Naples, it is more than a celebration of expansion; it is a reaffirmation of the joy, beauty, and conscientiousness that truly make a business shine.

As darkness falls, Naples now has a newfound light to look forward to, a source that brings not just brightness but a warmth that only a company with a heart and soul like Blingle!’s Naples franchise, led by Cheryl Alker, can offer.

This tale of light, hard work, and exceptional services is far from its twilight. Instead, it is the dawn of something truly spectacular, a chapter where every sparkling installation by Blingle! in Naples symbolizes a triumphant milestone in how we beautify and celebrate our spaces and lives.

The Naples chapter of Blingle! under Alker's stewardship now sets forth, casting an elegant aura over the Floridian landscape. United by a cause that differs from necessity, repose in the notion that each beam of light is a stitch in the fabric of a community growing ever vibrant, ever confident in the work of hands that craft with care.

As the community witnesses the glow radiating from every corner, it stands as immutable evidence of a job done right, a vision brought to light, and a future that’s brighter for all. For Cheryl Alker and Blingle!, it’s more than just lighting—it's a commitment to making a resplendent mark on the canvas of Naples, night after enchanting night.

Ultimately, Naples finds itself at the intersection of innovation and classic charm, all thanks to Blingle! and Alker. For residents, guests, and onlookers alike, every illuminated nook and cranny pronounces the arrival of an enlightened age—an age of incandescent beauty, emblazoned across the coastal haven.

With the shadows receding, Blingle!’s journey proceeds to cast light far and wide, a testament to the vision of those like Cheryl Alker, who dare to dream in vibrant colors of light. The Naples community can now bask in the luminescence of a brighter future, one splendid day and splendid night at a time.

To cap this tale of light and shadows, Blingle! and Cheryl Alker forge ahead with an illuminated stride into Naples, setting a brilliant precedent for what it means to brighten lives with dedication and an unwavering commitment to excellence. The city, bathed in the glow of quality service and outstanding design, surely has even brighter days ahead.