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avanos medical welcomes seasoned expert sigfrido delgado to lead supply chain innovation 27


Avanos Medical Welcomes Seasoned Expert Sigfrido Delgado to Lead Supply Chain Innovation


Leo Gonzalez

May 13, 2024 - 11:15 am


Avanos Medical Welcomes Sigfrido Delgad as Senior Vice President of Integrated Supply Chain

ALPHARETTA, Ga., May 13, 2024 – Avanos Medical, Inc. (NYSE: AVNS), a prominent player in the medical technology field, has decisively made a crucial addition to its executive team. The company is proud to announce the appointment of Sigfrido (Sig) Delgado in the esteemed role of senior vice president, integrated supply chain. Tasked with steering the teams which are dedicated to propelling continuous enhancements across the company's comprehensive global supply chain, Delgado stands poised to make significant contributions to Avanos Medical's steadfast quest for innovation and excellence in this critical business domain.

Having proven his worth at Jabil Healthcare, renowned as the industry's most expansive healthcare manufacturing solutions provider on a global scale, Delgado most recently inhabited the consequential role of vice president, overseeing its worldwide medical technology operations. His expertise, cultivated over more than two decades, encompasses a broad array of competencies in manufacturing, supply chain, and operations intricately associated with the medical device industry. Delgado's career is marked by a succession of significant engineering and leadership positions at notable companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon, and Cordis Corp.

"Executing on a robust sales, inventory, and operations planning strategy is a key part of Avanos' transformation process," Joe Woody, the chief executive officer of Avanos, declared. He further emphasized the pivotal nature of Delgado's profound experience within the medical device domain. Asserting its crucial nature, Woody indicated confidence that Delgado would be instrumental in furthering Avanos’ objectives and in fortifying the solid groundwork already laid down in the company's operational strategies.

Delgado's academic journey reflects his commitment to his craft, having secured a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, followed by a master's degree in engineering management from Florida International University. An advocate of the Six Sigma methodology, Delgado takes pride in being a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, an accolade which underscores his exacting approach to quality and efficiency in operational process improvement. Moreover, his proficiency in Spanish is particularly advantageous for interfacing with diverse, multicultural teams and stakeholders within the global supply chain framework.

About Avanos Medical

Avanos Medical, referenced publicly on the stock market as NYSE: AVNS, is steadfastly positioned as a medical technology conglomerate distinguished by its drive to deliver clinically superior medical device solutions. These innovations not only help patients regain the pleasures of daily living but also stand at the vanguard of revolutionizing healthcare practices. With its headquarters nestled in Alpharetta, Georgia, Avanos Medical's mission transcends mere business—it encompasses a firm dedication to solving some of the most compelling healthcare challenges of our age.

Revered for providing a treatment lifeline for nutrition from hospital to home, Avanos deeply engages in the healthcare continuum. The company is equally persistent in mitigating opioid reliance, assisting patients in their passage from surgical intervention towards recovery. It is their exploration, production, and marketing of globally recognized brands that have cemented Avanos's status, granting it commanding leads in various product categories.

For those desiring an in-depth perspective of Avanos Medical's vision, resources, and contributions to the healthcare field, the company's official website serves as a resource-rich portal where one can delve into the company's offerings and initiatives. Moreover, the company's digital footprint is expansive, with active engagement on X (@AvanosMedical), LinkedIn, and Facebook platforms, ensuring constant connectivity with patients, healthcare professionals, and stakeholders alike.

In conclusion, Sigfrido Delgado's new assignment at Avanos Medical as senior vice president, integrated supply chain, is set to usher in a dynamic chapter within the company's ongoing narrative of growth and innovation. Drawing from an extensive repository of knowledge and experience in medical technology and manufacturing proficiency, Delgado is set to align and propel Avanos Medical's supply chain toward higher echelons of operational excellence and market leadership. With Delgado's strategic acumen and Avanos Medical's commitment to empowering patient care, the future looks bright for this medical technology pioneer.

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