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assurity named among lincolns elite employers for second successive year 27


Assurity Named Among Lincoln's Elite Employers for Second Successive Year


Lauren Miller

May 20, 2024 - 15:43 pm


Assurity Achieves Recognized Status as a Top Workplace for Second Year in Lincoln

LINCOLN, Neb., May 20, 2024—For the second year in a row, Assurity has been honored with the prestigious title of one of the 2024 "Best Places to Work" in Lincoln. This recognition was announced for extra-large employers and is a testament to the company's outstanding work environment and commitment to excellence. The program founders, Woods Aitken LLP, Lincoln Journal Star, and LincolnHR, have laid down a tradition of celebrating organizations that exemplify a positive workplace culture.

Upheld by Employee Satisfaction

The esteemed award was bestowed upon Assurity solely based on the response to comprehensive employee surveys. Quantum Workplace, based in Omaha, Neb., conducted the detailed employee inquiries, meticulously evaluating and ranking the responses. These surveys touch upon various aspects of employment such as the overall workplace environment, the clarity and direction of leadership, the robustness of the organizational culture, and the effectiveness of management practices.

A Culture That Celebrates Growth

With an employee base exceeding 200 individuals, Assurity was recognized for nurturing a corporate culture conducive to both enjoyment and professional advancement. By focusing on creating a dynamic and engaging work environment, Assurity has demonstrated that it is not just the financial rewards but the emotional and professional fulfillment that makes an employer truly great.

Commended by Leadership

"We are truly honored to receive this recognition as one of the Best Places to Work in Lincoln," expressed Susan Becker, the Vice President of Human Resources at Assurity. "Our success is a reflection of the hard work and remarkable talents of our team. Their unwavering commitment plays a critical role in fostering a work culture that we can all take pride in."

A Consequential Recognition

The competition is nearing its climax as three companies vie for the coveted title of the overall "Best Places to Work" for the year 2024. This announcement is eagerly awaited and is scheduled to be a highlight at the upcoming awards ceremony. Attendees will gather on June 6 at 5:30 p.m. at Haymarket Park, with the suspenseful unveil to precede the much-anticipated 7:05 p.m. Lincoln Saltdogs baseball game.

Where to Find More Information

For those interested in delving into the specifics of the competition, the companies involved, or to simply learn more about the award-winning culture at Assurity, further information can be easily accessed. Visit the Assurity website and the Best Places to Work page on Woods Aitken's website for comprehensive details.

About Assurity: A Commitment to Mutual Support

Assurity stands out as a mutual organization founded on the principle of communal assistance in times of need. They have streamlined the process of providing affordable insurance protection, ensuring that it is both easy to understand and to procure. The philosophy of sharing in the future creation goes hand in hand with their belief in the power of using business as a force for good.

Source of this Commendation

This news of acknowledgment comes directly from Assurity, whose consistent performance in creating an admirable work environment has once again been brought to the limelight through this well-deserved accolade.

Best Places to Work Logo

Living up to the expectations set by their employees and the community, Assurity has evidently placed immense value on cultivating an atmosphere where their people can thrive. This dedication to their workforce has allowed not only for a highly engaged team but has set them apart as an employer of choice in a crowded marketplace.

Fostering an environment where individuals can develop both personally and professionally is a central aspect of Assurity's operational philosophy. As testified by their Vice President, Susan Becker, the company takes immense pride in building a culture of inclusivity, support, and continuous learning. This approach has resulted in a robust work culture that underpins the company's sustained growth and market presence.

As the final date for the top accolade in the program looms, the excitement amongst the staff at Assurity, and indeed within the wider business community in Lincoln, is palpable. The overall winner of the Best Places to Work 2024 will be announced in a setting of celebration and comradery, indicative of the community spirit that lies at the heart of Lincoln's corporate culture.

In addition to information on the award and its recipients, those interested in understanding what sets Assurity apart can explore in-depth about the organization's history, ethos, and community impact. The company's vision, centered around mutual support and being a positive force in society, is shared across all of its communication platforms and public engagements, including its website.

In recognition of such consistent performance in providing a superior work environment and in anticipation of the upcoming final announcement, it is no wonder that Assurity has become synonymous with employer excellence in Lincoln. As anticipation mounts for the crowning of the ultimate Best Place to Work, Assurity can already bask in the glory of being a beacon for other businesses striving to achieve similar workplace accolades.

The news of this annual recognition serves not only as an acknowledgement of the company's current achievements but also as a challenge to maintain and extend their exceptional standards. It is a call to ongoing commitment—the kind that Assurity has proven capable of answering.

With a steadfastly growing base of contented employees, Assurity's future is certainly looking bright. The twin pillars of employee satisfaction and corporate responsibility continue to elevate the company's stature in the eyes of both current and prospective talent. As they approach the grand unveiling of the 2024 overall "Best Places to Work" title, excitement within the company is at an all-time high.

It is clear that Assurity has created more than just a workplace; they have cultivated a mini-society within their walls that reflects the fundamental assurance they provide to their customers. This harmony between internal and external values is a testament to their genuine commitment to bettering lives, be it through guarding against life's uncertainties or enhancing the everyday realities of their employees.

In conclusion, Assurity's repeat recognition in the "Best Places to Work" category speaks volumes about its principled approach to business and human resources. By championing the well-being, development, and satisfaction of their employees, Assurity has embedded within their culture a vigilant focus on creating not just a successful company, but a wholesome community. As the award ceremony approaches and the spotlight turns to the luminaries of Lincoln's business landscape, Assurity's reputation as a top employer is already well-established, radiating encouragement and aspiration to companies far and wide. They set a clear benchmark for what it means to excel in cultivating an environment worthy of their employees' admiration and dedication—a true best place to work.

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