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anterix inc showcases visionary grid solutions at leading investor conferences 27


Anterix Inc. Showcases Visionary Grid Solutions at Leading Investor Conferences


Benjamin Hughes

May 7, 2024 - 15:55 pm


Anterix Announces Upcoming Investor Conference Presentations for May 2024

WOODLAND PARK, N.J., May 7, 2024 -- Anterix, known by its trading name on the NASDAQ as ATEX, has made an announcement today confirming its participation at numerous investor conferences slated to take place in May 2024. This move marks a significant occasion as Anterix aims to reach out to potential investors, providing them with the opportunity to gain deeper insights into the company’s operations and strategic endeavors.

A Pioneering Presence at Sidoti's and J.P. Morgan's Conferences

On Thursday, May 9, 2024, precisely at 10:00 a.m. ET, Anterix will mark its presence at the Sidoti Micro-Cap Virtual Investor Conference, where Tim Gray, the Chief Financial Officer, will engage in a fireside chat that is expected to draw much interest from attendees. In an effort to foster more personalized interactions and respond to investor curiosities, Anterix has also organized one-on-one meetings to be held in conjunction with this event. Investors keen on securing a private meeting have been directed to make arrangements via their Sidoti representative.

For those unable to attend in person, the company has arranged for the fireside chat to be broadcast live on the Anterix Investor Relations event website. Interested parties are welcomed to tune in via the following link:

Tim Gray will once again appear on behalf of Anterix, this time at the esteemed J.P. Morgan 52nd Annual Global Technology, Media, and Communications Conference in Boston, MA, scheduled for Tuesday, May 21, 2024. The session is set to begin at 1:45 p.m. ET and will further explore the company's vision and strategy through another fireside chat. Parallel to this, Anterix will continue its commitment to fostering direct dialogues with interested participants by holding individual meetings. These personal engagements provide a unique opportunity for investors to probe further into Anterix’s business insights. The J.P. Morgan representative is the point of contact for investors who wish to arrange a one-on-one session. Similar to the Sidoti conference, the J.P. Morgan conference presentation will also be available to a broader audience through a live audio webcast, which can be accessed on the Anterix Investor Relations event website at

In-Person Insights at the B. Riley Securities Conference

Adding to the lineup of engaging events, Anterix will also participate in an in-person roundtable discussion on Wednesday, May 22, 2024, at the B. Riley Securities 24th Annual Institutional Investor Conference, which will take place in Beverly Hills, CA. The company's commitment to investor relations is demonstrated with additional one-on-one meetings planned during this conference. By doing so, Anterix emphasizes the importance of building strong, personal relationships with the investment community. Investors are encouraged to contact their B. Riley representative to arrange these private sessions, which offer a deeper dive into the company's strategy and future plans.

Enhanced Investor Relations Through Direct Communication

In a move to enhance transparency and investor engagement, Anterix has put forth Natasha Vecchiarelli, Vice President of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications, as the key shareholder contact. Vecchiarelli, who can be reached at 973-531-4397 or via the provided email address, [email protected], is responsible for managing investor inquiries and facilitating effective communication between the company and its investors. Through this initiative, Anterix demonstrates its dedication to maintaining open lines of communication with its shareholder community.

Anterix's Strategic Market Position in the 900 MHz Spectrum

Anterix situates itself at the forefront of modernizing electric grid solutions by strategically engaging with leading utilities and cutting-edge technology firms to exploit the full potential of the 900 MHz broadband spectrum. The company leads a robust ecosystem that comprises over a hundred members and delivers utility-first solutions aimed at revitalizing the power grid. These solutions are crafted to tackle contemporary challenges that utilities encounter today.

Operating as the largest licensed holder of spectrum in the 900 MHz band, which includes the frequencies 896-901/935-940 MHz throughout the contiguous United States, in addition to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, Anterix is in a unique position. This advantageous stance enables the company to facilitate the deployment of private wireless broadband networks, which are instrumental in supporting sophisticated communications technologies essential for a cleaner, safer, and more secure energy future.

Anterix's active engagement and leadership within the 900 MHz broadband movement offer a transformative path for utilities to modernize their operations, bridging the gap between the current state of energy infrastructure and the future demands of efficient and renewable energy distribution. For more information on Anterix’s initiatives and to become part of the 900 MHz movement, interested parties are invited to visit their website at

The Path Forward: Anterix’s Vision for a Connected Future

Anterix's commitment to innovation is not only encapsulated in its current spectrum holdings but is also reflected in its forward-looking approach to addressing the evolving needs of the utility sector. The company's proactive stance on digital transformation signifies a promise to lead the way in bridging innovative technology with essential service provision, thus paving the way for a sustainable and resilient energy landscape.

As Anterix steps onto the stage across various prominent conferences, their leadership team is poised to articulate the company’s strategic vision, recent milestones, and forward-thinking roadmap. This series of high-profile engagements is anticipated to bolster investor confidence and highlight Anterix's spearheading role in fostering grid modernization through the power of broadband spectrum.

By participating in these investor conferences, Anterix is not only showcasing its own growth and potential but also contributing to the broader dialogue about the future of energy, technology, and communication. With the world becoming increasingly reliant on secure and efficient energy resources, Anterix’s involvement in such events underscores the company's pivotal role in the sector's transition.

Conclusion: A Growing Influence in Grid Modernization

In conclusion, Anterix’s strategic decision to partake in these investor conferences is a testament to the company’s readiness to share insights, forge connections, and underscore its influence in an industry on the cusp of transformation. The robust schedule that includes Sidoti’s Micro-Cap Virtual Investor Conference, the J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media, and Communications Conference, and the B. Riley Securities Institutional Investor Conference, offers a comprehensive platform for Anterix to evangelize the virtue of the 900 MHz spectrum for state-of-the-art grid solutions.

Through one-on-one meetings, fireside chats, and roundtable discussions, Anterix is setting the stage for productive exchanges between the company, investors, and industry stakeholders. Each event serves as a unique opportunity to showcase how Anterix’s business model and innovation in spectrum management can contribute to an increasingly digital and connected future for utility operations.

Investors and interested parties are cordially invited to these lively discussions where they will glean fresh perspectives on Anterix's economic landscape and potential growth paths. The company’s willingness to engage so directly with the investment community highlights a transparent and approachable corporate ethos — one that could potentially translate to enhanced shareholder value.

Staying informed and connected is critical in understanding Anterix's evolving narrative, with the company setting up numerous channels for continual dialogue. Such proactive measures signify the value Anterix places on its stakeholders and highlight the importance of accessible and open communication in today's dynamic market environment.

With these upcoming conferences, Anterix looks forward to sharing its story, connecting with investors, and driving towards a future that promises to be brighter, more connected, and energy-efficient.

Shareholder and Investor Engagement

As the world becomes increasingly connected and aware of the significance of responsible energy stewardship, effective investor relations grow ever more vital. Natasha Vecchiarelli is at the helm of ensuring that Anterix’s investment narrative remains compelling, coherent, and accessible. The role of investor relations extends beyond merely reporting financials; it involves narrative-building, trust-forming, and strategic communication — all of which are key to mobilizing the investment needed for Anterix to accomplish its goals.

Shareholders can expect that their questions and interests are addressed with the utmost professionalism and that their investment considerations are met with clear and articulate responses from the company. By doing so, Vecchiarelli and her team will be instrumental in sustaining Anterix's brand reputation within the financial community.

A New Era for Energy Infrastructure

This series of announcements reaffirms that Anterix remains at the precipice of an era defined by innovative approaches to energy infrastructure. Investors can surely anticipate that the upcoming May initiatives will provide substantial updates and detailed insights into how Anterix is poised to leverage its technology and market position. These conferences could likely serve as harbinger events heightening industry awareness around the pivotal role of 900 MHz broadband in the modernizing of global power grid systems.

Anterix Inc.: Shaping Tomorrow's Energy Solutions Today

In essence, Anterix is shaping the contours of tomorrow's energy solutions today. With every conference presentation, every investor interaction, and every technological advancement, Anterix is contributing to a dialogue that is not just about sustainability and modernization but about a grander vision for global energy use. It is a narrative that the company is eager to share with those who will gather at the upcoming May investor conferences.

Spectators and interested parties are welcome to track these upcoming events and the discussions that will ensue. May 2024 stands to become a significant moment in Anterix's history—a moment where possibilities and perspectives converge to mold the future of energy.