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ameritex hits financial growth with 155m credit line for texan infrastructure boost 27


AmeriTex Hits Financial Growth with $155M Credit Line for Texan Infrastructure Boost


Leo Gonzalez

April 9, 2024 - 15:52 pm


AmeriTex Unveils Major Financial Milestone with New Credit Facility and Senior Notes

SEGUIN, Texas, April 9, 2024 – AmeriTex Holdings LLC, a powerhouse in the manufacturing of concrete pipe, box culvert, and precast concrete, has made a groundbreaking announcement regarding its financial growth. On April 5, 2024, the company finalized a noteworthy $155 million credit facility provided by Bank of America (BofA). This financial move complements an earlier accomplishment: the raising of $530 million in Senior Notes through BofA Securities, which took place on October 5, 2023. These strategic financial achievements are earmarked to bolster AmeriTex's growth and enhance its product line and additional capabilities, thereby optimally serving contractors throughout the state of Texas.

A prominent player in the United States, AmeriTex operates the most expansive concrete pipe, box culvert, and precast concrete complexes in the nation. Renowned as Texas's go-to supplier for concrete storm drain products, AmeriTex caters to utility and highway construction contractors. The company has paved the way for a revolution in the manufacturing process of these concrete elements by leveraging high-capacity, state-of-the-art facilities strategically located in Seguin, Conroe, and Gunter, Texas. These facilities not only boast immense capacity but are also designed for versatility to meet a vast variety of customer requirements, from residential projects to vast highway constructions.

AmeriTex's expansive campuses, over 1,000 acres in size, host the largest inventory of standard sizes and configurations in Texas, eclipsing all their combined competitor’s storage space. The company’s advanced manufacturing capabilities are highlighted by their use of unique and sometimes patent-pending tools to tailor products to the exact dimensions, joint types, and strength ratings required by customers’ projects. The adherence to QCast certification and strict compliance with both ASTM and TxDOT standards have cemented AmeriTex's position as an industry standard-bearer.

Reflecting on the company's success, AmeriTex Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Kevin Thompson remarked on the importance of enduring partnerships which remain robust through the vicissitudes of economic and industry cycles. He noted that AmeriTex’s reliability as a partner – whether as a customer, supplier, or financier – has been imperative to its track record. AmeriTex’s understanding of growth needs is well-timed with the burgeoning demand in Texas; a drive fueled by a record number of infrastructure projects, growth in county property receipts, and the relocation of numerous Fortune 500 headquarters and thousands of companies to Texas. Thompson underscores AmeriTex’s commitment to growth, driven by a customer-first approach that is responsive to the contractors' evolving needs, as evidenced by the company's recent investment in corrugated pipe production.

Rocky Lorenz, the President of AmeriTex, expressed his enthusiasm about the completion of the final phase in their precast facilities. This includes the installment of an exclusive Schlusselbauer Magic system for risers and cones to complement the Perfect System and AmeriTex Couplings (patent pending). He believes that AmeriTex's precast capacity, which stands at 700,000 tons, far surpasses that of their Texas competitors. Lorenz additionally emphasized the quality and precision of their monolithic bases, bends, and wyes, which are said to be unparalleled in the Texas market. These ongoing improvements in both sustainability and precision underpin the company's commitment to elevating Texas's infrastructure. He also highlighted the recent corrugated pipe investment as synergistic with their specialized precast solutions, primed to expedite customer project timelines.

Tom Murphy, a Founding Director of AmeriTex, shed light on the deep trust and understanding that exists between the company and its financing partners, including BofA. He admires the precision and efficiency with which the AmeriTex team operates their extensive and distinctive facilities. Murphy pointed out that the company is strategically positioned ahead of potential liquidity demands that may arise due to customer requirements. Following the closure of the credit facility deal, AmeriTex has bolstered its financial stability. It now boasts a healthy cash balance, a robust undrawn revolving credit line from BofA, and ample availability under its $80 million lease limit. According to Murphy, this places AmeriTex in a position of strength to continue providing high-value service to customers amidst growing infrastructure demands in Texas.

Exploring AmeriTex's Innovative Journey

AmeriTex Pipe & Products LLC invites the public to explore its innovations in manufacturing through videos available on its website. These videos showcase Texas's leading capacity and the unique designs that could soon be patented, demonstrating the company's commitment to advancing industry standards. For a closer look at AmeriTex's expansive facilities and pioneering manufacturing processes, interested viewers can visit the company's website here.

Connect with AmeriTex

For further information or press inquiries, please contact DeeDee Johnston, Executive Admin at AmeriTex Pipe & Products LLC. Reach out via email through the protected email link provided here.

AmeriTex's significant financial maneuvering and ongoing facility upgrades underscore an unmatched commitment to evolving with the infrastructure needs of Texas. With Texas experiencing a period of economic expansion and steady increase in infrastructural projects, the growth and preparedness showcased by AmeriTex are set to play an integral role in shaping the future of the state's landscape. The aggregation of a significant new credit facility, a stable cash balance, and a powerful set of precast capabilities position AmeriTex as an industry leader ready to navigate the requirements of a rapidly developing region with confidence and innovation.

Civil construction and infrastructure development in Texas stand on the cusp of a transformative era, with companies like AmeriTex leading the charge. Its model of leveraging strategic financial tools, gaining a deep understanding of customer needs, and investing in cutting-edge production technology provides a template for success that others may strive to emulate. The collaboration between AmeriTex and longstanding financial partners illustrates the power of shared vision and commitment to mutually beneficial growth. As Texas continues to attract corporate giants and expand its residential and commercial infrastructure, the role of companies like AmeriTex—poised to support and accelerate these developments—becomes increasingly significant.

Looking ahead, the construction industry and the many individuals it serves can anticipate highly resilient and exceptionally manufactured concrete solutions, thanks to the tireless efforts of the AmeriTex team. From the residential builder requiring a few custom pipes to the large-scale highway contractor in need of comprehensive drainage systems, AmeriTex's customer-centric approach ensures readiness to meet such diverse demands with precision-engineered, high-quality products. The significant liquidity available to the company also signals to the market AmeriTex's robust fiscal health and an underlying promise to remain at the forefront of innovation for years to come.

Indeed, AmeriTex appears to be setting a new paradigm within the industry. By converging innovative manufacturing techniques, an unwavering dedication to quality standards, and a strategic financial foundation, AmeriTex is not just meeting the current demands of Texas’s infrastructure but is also shaping its future. As economic and industry landscapes evolve, AmeriTex stands as a testament to the possible synergy between industrial growth and financial acumen. The core of AmeriTex's operations—its relationship with Texas contractors—is built on the tenets of trust, reliance, and a forward-thinking attitude that promises to inspire and catalyze further innovation and efficiency in the realm of infrastructure development.

Looking Forward

As AmeriTex moves forward, observing how its investments and financial strategizing translate into tangible benefits for the state’s infrastructure will be of significant interest to industry analysts and stakeholders alike. By enhancing operational capacity and engaging in strategic financial management, AmeriTex is securing not only its own future but also contributing to the sustainability and reliability of the state's construction and transportation systems. The company stands as a pillar of innovation in the Texas construction industry, and its progressive approach may well set the standard for other players in the field.

For Texas, the emergence of industry leaders like AmeriTex signals a promising future for infrastructure projects, emphasizing homegrown innovation, financial integrity, and an indomitable spirit of growth. As Texas continues to rise as an economic powerhouse, the advancements made by AmeriTex and similar entities will be critical in ensuring the state’s infrastructure can support and enhance this upward trajectory. With such powerful momentum at its back, AmeriTex is poised to carve out an impressive chapter in the narrative of American industrial ingenuity and financial strength.

In conclusion, the strategic financial moves and manufacturing advancements announced by AmeriTex illustrate the company's readiness to embrace growth and innovation, servicing the expanding infrastructure of one of America's most vibrant states. This news marks a significant milestone for AmeriTex, positioning it as a stalwart in Texas's infrastructure sector, and a forward-thinking entity in the manufacturing realm. As infrastructure projects continue to unfold across the Texas landscape, the impactful role of AmeriTex within this context will no doubt continue to materialize, fostering a robust environment where industry growth and financial security go hand in hand.