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adenia partners champions african growth with record 470 million fund 27


Adenia Partners Champions African Growth with Record $470 Million Fund


Leo Gonzalez

April 3, 2024 - 04:49 am


Adenia Partners Garners Record $470 Million for Africa-Focused Investment

With an eye towards the future of businesses in the African continent, the private equity firm Adenia Partners Ltd. has secured its largest fund yet. The Africa-focused fund of $470 million is a significant milestone for the firm, with substantial contributions flowing in from several new investors, including Norfund AS, the US International Development Finance Corp., and Canada’s Findev Inc.

In a remarkable show of faith, Africa's premier fund manager, the Public Investment Corp. Ltd., responsible for managing approximately 2.6 trillion rand ($138 billion) of South African government employee pension assets, has also invested in the Adenia fund. Their contribution is alongside participation from pension funds in Ghana and Kenya. This fund marks Adenia's fifth and represents a strategy shift, increasing the equity check size for targets to an average of about $40 million, noted by Adenia's Managing Director Alexis Caude.

Ascending the Economic Ladder

In an industry facing stiff headwinds, Adenia Partners is ascending the economic ladder by investing in larger economies on the continent. According to Managing Director Alexis Caude, the firm gravitates towards businesses that align with its stringent criteria. "In time, we have moved to the larger economies on the continent, where we see businesses that fit the criteria that we want for our transactions," Caude shared in an interview. Their investment philosophy is clear—acquire a controlling stake, ranging from 51% to 100%, to ensure they remain at the helm of the businesses they invest in.

Navigating the Fundraising Headwind

The fundraising environment has been challenging for private equity firms globally. High borrowing costs and broad economic uncertainties make it harder to attract investments. However, firms like Adenia, with their pointed focus and proven return track records, are still successful in finding support. "Private equity firms are having a harder time raising money worldwide," Caude explained. "While that has also affected fundraising in Africa, firms with a specific focus and a track record of delivering returns are still managing to attract backers."

As Adenia Partners celebrates its two-decade presence on the African continent, it finds itself in competition with heavyweights such as Alterra Capital Partners Ltd., an offshoot of Carlyle Group Inc., and Helios Investment Partners LLP. Standing tall against these competitors, Adenia Partners focuses on generating investor returns and strategizing exit options. Caude emphasized the firm's commitment to seeking net returns of at least 15% in hard currency and taking a commanding business interest to dictate the timing of exits. "The environment is not easy in Africa with interest rates that are really high," Caude admitted. "Exits are complicated in Africa, which is why we believe in taking a controlling stake in businesses - this makes it easier to attract strategic investors."

Investment Perspectives and Strategies

With its sector-agnostic approach, the fund doesn't restrict itself to specific industries, expanding its horizons to investments in fintech, telecommunications, healthcare, and more. Adenia is also involved in a significant carve-out deal with Air Liquide SA concerning its operations across a dozen African countries. Caude conveys, "The fund will be sector-agnostic, focusing on investments in fintech, telecommunications, and health care among others."

Moreover, the firm is increasing its footprint in the continent's financial capitals. Having already established themselves with money deployments in South Africa, Adenia's recent strategic expansion includes opening an office in the bustling economic hub of Lagos, Nigeria. Caude reflects on the firm's expansion strategy with a pragmatic view of the Nigerian market: "We have expanded our presence to Nigeria - while it's a challenging place, it's a large economy."

Adenia's Growth Trajectory and Commitments

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Mauritius, Adenia operates across seven African countries, employing a team of 21 investment professionals. The organization stands strong, as most of its long-term investors, including respected entities such as the European Investment Bank and the World Bank’s International Finance Corp., have doubled their commitments. This speaks volumes about the confidence and trust these investors have in Adenia's strategies and their implementation.

Reflecting on the firm's trajectory and the significance of the aforementioned summit of BRICS leaders in Johannesburg Bloomberg, Alexis Caude presents a forward-looking standpoint. The leaders' summit, where discussions about expanding the coalition's memberships were set to occur, harbors the potential for geopolitical shifts that could affect investment landscapes. Such developments underscore the importance of adaptable investment strategies and comprehensive market analysis.

Johannesburg City Skyline

As Adenia Partners heralds this new chapter with its largest fund to date, the essence of its approach—a steadfast commitment to taking a directional lead in its invested businesses and its ability to adapt to the fluid dynamic of African markets—becomes more evident than ever. The firm has not only distinguished itself by amassing significant capital but also by demonstrating a keen understanding of the complex financial and political landscapes that define the African investment milieu.

By driving investments in burgeoning sectors like fintech and healthcare, Adenia is not just investing in companies; it's investing in the future of the continent. With a sharp eye on strategic expansion and ensuring a significant stake in its investments, the firm is laying the groundwork for a more controlled and profitable exit strategy, standing as a beacon for how private equity can effectively navigate and prosper in the African market.

The success that Adenia has seen, which is now being cemented with its fifth and largest fund, is a testament to the firm's strategic acumen and the growing confidence that the international investor community has in Africa's growth prospects. In a world where the financial currents are unpredictable, Adenia's milestone achievement serves as a hopeful indicator that, with a steady hand and clear vision, prosperity is still very much within reach for the forward-thinking investor.


This latest fund exemplifies how a focused investment philosophy, combined with a deep understanding of the African business environment, shapes a private equity firm's allure. Africa, with its unique set of economic challenges and opportunities, requires a bespoke approach to investment, and Adenia Partners Ltd. has shown that it can navigate these waters with finesse.

The firm's two decades of experience, coupled with the impressive roster of investors that have doubled down on their commitments, cements Adenia’s position as a pivotal player in Africa’s burgeoning private equity landscape. As the continent continues to grow and present new economic opportunities, it's clear that Adenia Partners is riding the wave, not just to financial success, but also to the growth and development of sustainable businesses across Africa.

The success of this fundraising round stands as a beacon for other firms and investors looking to Africa for growth opportunities. It’s a clarion call that in the chess game of global finance, Africa is a board where savvy players like Adenia Partners Ltd. are making strategic moves towards checkmate.

Bloomberg L.P. has documented this monumental fund-raising effort and provides an insightful window into the strategic moves shaping Africa’s investment landscape. It’s an enlightening read for anyone interested in understanding the dynamic world of private equity in emerging markets.

.AbsoluteConstraintsOn their two-decade journey, Adenia’s philosophy of deep engagement and leadership in their investments has paid dividends. It is a story of triumph over the complex and often daunting landscape of African investments. As the fund enters into new deals and continues its growth ascent, many will be watching Adenia Partners not just as a participant, but as a leader in the African investment saga.