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9fin enhances leadership with new vp of content will caiger smith 27


9fin Enhances Leadership with New VP of Content, Will Caiger-Smith


Leo Gonzalez

April 23, 2024 - 10:23 am


9fin Elevates Its Leadership Team, Appointing a New VP of Content

In a strategic move to enhance its leadership ranks, 9fin, the preeminent news and analytics platform for the debt capital markets, has elevated its senior leadership team by promoting an existing member to the newly minted position of Vice President (VP) of Content. This internal promotion reflects the company's robust leadership talent and is aimed at bolstering the firm's already exemplary content offerings.

A Commitment to Exceptional Content

The progression to this executive role indicates an unwavering commitment of 9fin to maintain its position as an industry leader in content provision. It signals a continued endorsement of the talent within the company and a drive to preserve the excellent quality of service that 9fin is renowned for. In an era where information is paramount, 9fin's commitment to deliver best-in-class content remains steadfast.

9fin is not just resting on its laurels but is actively broadening its horizon. The company is on a vigorous expansion trajectory, with a number of open positions inviting professionals to join its offices across the United States and the United Kingdom. This expansion reflects the company’s ambition to fortify its global presence and influence within the industry.

Will Caiger-Smith Steps into Vice President Role

The announcement came on April 23, 2024, from New York, that 9fin ( has appointed Will Caiger-Smith as VP of Content. Will brings his profound expertise and leadership qualities to the position, having served as 9fin's US Managing Editor prior to this promotion.

Caiger-Smith's distinguished career at 9fin has led him to join forces with Jen Speirs, who assumed the role of VP Operations in the preceding year. Together, they form a formidable leadership team that is expected to catalyze the continued growth and success of the organization. Both VP positions are not bounded by geography; their mandates are global, underscoring 9fin's pledge to nurture talent and to fast-track the ascendance of its skilled leaders.

Will Caiger-Smith, VP Content at 9fin

In his elevated role as VP Content, Will assumes oversight over all facets of news and analytics, encompassing the spheres of editorial, credit, legal, and ESG teams. The promotion aligns with 9fin's ambition as it broadens its scope beyond its original focus on leveraged finance. Now, the company has set its sight on emerging domains such as private credit, distressed debt, and structured credit, specifically Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs) throughout both the US and Europe. These new ventures are calculated moves to solidify their mission of being the global leader in data, news, and analytics across the debt capital markets.

Will's strategic value to the company finds roots in his direct reporting relationship to 9fin's CEO and co-founder, Steven Hunter. This close alliance ensures coherence in company policy and its implementation, streamlining efforts to achieve company milestones.

Speaking on his promotion, Will articulated his fervor for 9fin's vision and its potent technology that could craft the comprehensive debt intelligence platform the markets are in dire need of. "In my two and a half years at this company, that belief has only intensified. I'm delighted to be driving forward the content side of the business," he remarked on his ascent.

The CEO's Perspective

Steven Hunter, CEO, and co-founder of 9fin, didn't mince words when he expressed his admiration for Will's contributions that significantly scaled up the company. He said, "I've been incredibly impressed by Will's contributions to scaling 9fin in just a couple of years. He opened and scaled our US office from scratch and has built a world-class team. I am delighted to see him promoted into a new expanded role and join Jen as part of our VP level leadership. I am excited to work with them both to take 9fin to the next level."

About 9fin: Disrupting Leveraged Credit Intelligence

9fin stands out as the revolutionary, AI-driven nexus for leveraged credit intelligence. Its platform amalgamates comprehensive data and analytics, constituting a unified powerhouse where users can undertake complete credit analyses or clinch mandates. Consequently, its subscribers are empowered to outperform their peers, win more business, and save invaluable time.

The reputation of 9fin is not unfounded; it is trusted by behemoths of the asset management world, eminent legal firms, and top-tier advisors operating in the debt capital markets. Demonstrating the breadth of its influence, nine out of the ten leading investment banks rely on 9fin's insights and data analytics to guide their decisions.

Discover more about the leadership team at 9fin

The disclosure of such a key promotional strategy from 9fin Limited is indicative of their progressive ethos and fortification of internal leadership as they chart new territories in the complex debt capital markets.

Source: 9fin Limited

In summary, 9fin's recent appointment of Will Caiger-Smith as Vice President of Content marks a strategic enhancement of its senior leadership. This internal elevation demonstrates 9fin's dedication to quality content and innovative expansion. Furthermore, the unwavering commitment to nurturing in-house talent and expanding globally signifies an exciting era for 9fin as they continue to pioneer in the realm of leveraged credit analysis and intelligence, firmly asserting their position at the apex of the industry.

To conclude, the investment world closely watches moves made by influential entities such as 9fin. The company's ability to strategically position itself, adapt to new market challenges, and harmonize a global leadership mandate presents a robust model for growth and innovation. As the world of debt capital becomes increasingly dynamic, the visionaries and leaders of 9fin, like Will Caiger-Smith and Jen Speirs, are testament to the company's future-ready approach—a key factor that will continue to draw the attention of the market and clients alike in their venture to lead and reshape the frontier of financial analytics and news.

In recognition of 9fin's advanced strategies, the financial analytics sector anticipates further groundbreaking initiatives led by its influential team. With a focus on data-centric breakthroughs and leadership dynamism, 9fin is well-positioned to confront the ebbs and flows of the finance industry while delivering critical insights that drive the decision-making processes in the global debt capital markets arena.

As the journey of 9fin continues to unfold, the industry watches with bated breath for what comes next from this burgeoning powerhouse in financial analysis and insights. The ambition demonstrated through strategic promotions like that of Will Caiger-Smith is sure to keep 9fin in a decisive lead.