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3M Continues Legacy of Innovation with Q2 Dividend Declaration


Lauren Miller

May 14, 2024 - 20:19 pm


3M Announces Second Quarter Dividend Payment in Continued Century-Long Tradition

ST. PAUL, Minn., May 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Board of Directors of 3M, a renowned multinational conglomerate, has made a pivotal announcement today confirming the declaration of a quarterly dividend for the second quarter of the year 2024. In a testament to their enduring commitment to shareholder value, the company has set forth a dividend of $0.70 per share on its common stock. The dividend is slated to be disbursed on June 12, 2024, to all shareholders who are recorded by the close of business on May 24, 2024.

This announcement underscores 3M's robust financial standing and its dedication to providing consistent, long-term returns to its investors. For over a century, 3M has maintained a sterling record of dividend payments to its shareholders, showcasing its resilience and unwavering dedication to corporate sustainability and investor confidence.

As of the end of the first quarter, on March 31, 2024, 3M had a total of 553,361,257 common shares in circulation, supported by a strong investor base of 59,380 shareholders of record. This expansive network of shareholders spans the globe, reflecting the trust and confidence the market places in 3M's operational excellence and visionary leadership.

A Deeper Dive into 3M's Corporate Vision

3M (NYSE: MMM) stands as a beacon of innovation, operating with the profound conviction that science is the key to crafting a better future for humanity. The company prides itself on harnessing the collective potential of its people, groundbreaking ideas, and the transformative power of science. These elements coalesce to reinvent the horizon of possibilities, strategically addressing the pressing needs and potential challenges faced by customers, communities, and the planet at large.

The corporation operates with an eye towards fostering improvement in all facets of life, enthusiastic about what the future holds and the advancements yet to come. To learn more about the exciting developments at 3M and their impact around the world, interested parties are invited to visit the company’s news hub at

Investor Relations and Media Contacts at 3M

The company has designated focal points for investor relations to streamline communication and ensure transparency. For investors seeking more information or having queries, Bruce Jermeland is available as a primary contact, reachable at 651-733-1807. Additionally, Diane Farrow can be contacted at 612-202-2449, while Eric Herron provides further investor support at 651-233-0043. These key individuals stand ready to assist investors in gaining a clearer understanding of 3M’s financial health and strategic direction.

In concordance with 3M’s efforts to sustain a transparent and open dialogue with the media, the company has appointed Sean Lynch as the go-to contact for any media inquiries or information requests. Lynch can be reached via the provided email channel for any relevant communications pertaining to the company's ongoing initiatives and corporate developments ([email protected]).

3M Company’s stalwart reputation as a purveyor of novel solutions and a cultivator of scientific progress continues to be a storyline that resonates across industries and sectors. The announcement of the quarterly dividend is more than an act of financial distribution; it is a reaffirmation of 3M's legacy and its future commitments to stakeholders globally.

A Storied History of Innovation and Consistency

Established over a century ago, 3M has consistently been at the forefront of innovation and industrial leadership. Its track record of uninterrupted dividend payments reflects not only its financial vitality but also its corporate philosophy grounded in stability, growth, and prosperity for its shareholders. This enduring practice exemplifies the company's principled approach to governance and its focus on fostering long-term relationships with its investors.

The quarterly dividend distribution is a tradition that underscores the company's robust economic foundation and operational foresight. Despite the ebb and flow of market conditions and the economic uncertainties that can impact enterprises worldwide, 3M has demonstrated a steadiness that is as much a part of its identity as its pioneering products and solutions.

Continuing a Legacy of Shareholder Value

3M's commitment to delivering shareholder value extends beyond consistent dividends. It is deeply intertwined with the company’s strategic decisions, research, and development endeavors, and its unwavering drive for excellence. With an extensive portfolio of patents and breakthrough technologies, the company continually sets new standards in a wide array of fields, including healthcare, consumer goods, and industrial applications.

In recognizing the vital importance of investment returns, 3M has striven to craft a balance between reinvesting in its growth and honoring its fiduciary responsibility to shareholders. The incrementally disbursed dividends are a direct reflection of this balanced approach and stand as a clear indication of 3M’s sound financial practices and its forward-thinking corporate strategy.

Forging a Brighter World Through Science and Innovation

The ethos of 3M is firmly rooted in the belief that scientific endeavors play a pivotal role in constructing a vibrant and sustainable future for all. By spearheading initiatives that unleash the potential of people and science, 3M envisions a world where progress and ethical practices go hand in hand. The dividends are but one outcome of this endeavor—reinvesting in humanity’s progress through the currency of trust, innovation, and corporate responsibility.

As 3M continues to craft solutions that address the full spectrum of today's challenges—be it climate change, healthcare efficiency, or technological advances—its dedication to contributing positively to the world remains evident. The company shines as an embodiment of how commerce and conscience can coalesce to pave the way for a promising future.

Navigating Future Opportunities with Strategic Foresight

In navigating the future, 3M places a heavy emphasis on strategic foresight—identifying opportunities for growth and anticipating global trends that will shape the industries it serves. By closely monitoring market dynamics and customer needs, 3M positions itself not merely as a reactive entity but as an active architect of future landscapes. Whether it is through constant innovation in its core products or exploration of nascent markets, the dividend declarations can be viewed as waypoints in 3M’s journey of continual advancement and sound economic stewardship.

The Power of a Century-Long Commitment to Excellence

3M's century-long journey is a testament to the company’s relentless pursuit of excellence on all fronts. From the quality of its offerings to the effectiveness of its customer service, every touchpoint is infused with dedication and a commitment to exceed the highest of standards. The announcement of the second-quarter dividend is a demonstration of 3M's adherence to these lofty values, reaffirming its continued commitment to not just sustaining but elevating its legacy of excellence.

Conclusion: An Unwavering Beacon in an Evolving Corporate Landscape

In the ever-changing tapestry of the global corporate landscape, 3M stands as a steadfast beacon of constancy and innovation. The recent declaration of dividends for the second quarter marks another chapter in the company's illustrious history—a history characterized by strategic growth, persistent innovation, and an unwavering service to the communities it touches. The dividend itself is more than just a financial gesture; it is a symbolic reminder of the company’s enduring values, its resilience in the face of adversity, and, above all, its promise to furnish the world with life-improving solutions across a spectrum of human needs.

As the 3M saga continues to unfold, the world watches and waits with bated breath for the subsequent waves of innovation and progress emanating from this pioneering institution. What remains certain is that dividends will continue to be a part of 3M's narrative, interleaved with its corporate mission to inspire and implement the full breadth of human ingenuity in the pursuit of a brighter, more sustainable future.

For further details and inquiries, please refer to 3M's official investor and media relations contacts, or visit the company news page at